Crone’s Corner – Calming with Color – How To

Crone’s Corner –  Calming with Color – How To
Adapted from Sharing Your Heart
by Cait Johnson and Annie B. Bond (Care2 Publishing, 2002)

Colors affect our emotions, our well-being, and our relationships.
We’ll tell you which colors will create more calm, serenity, and
relaxation in your home, and a few ways to bring them in. After all, a
peaceful home atmosphere can help you to keep the flame of Valentine’s
Day romance glowing now that the roses have faded, and will add to your
everyday well-being like nothing else!

If you don’t want to paint the walls with these colors, try introducing
them in the form of area rugs, toss pillows, candles, artwork,
photography, or other decorative accents.

Relaxing Colors

*Green – Nature’s color, calming and gently energizing at the same time.
Green is a harmonizing and balancing color for those in need of
refreshment. Think rolling meadows, grass, the freshness of spring and
summer leaves, sage, pine, celery, lettuce. And always remember that
fresh potted plants are a perfect way to bring green into any room.

*Blue – Soothing, meditative, restful, peaceful, spiritual. Lowers blood
pressure. Think cloudless skies, deep waters, sapphire, lapis lazuli,
azure, cerulean.

*Purple – Comfort, protection, spirituality, calm. Think royal purple
velvet, wizard capes, plums, clusters of ripe grapes.

*Lavender or Violet – Healing, calming. Think fields of French lavender
and sweet-scented violets.



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