Daily Crystal: Aragonite

Daily Crystal: Aragonite

Translucent purple-pink-brown hexagonal, or white needle crystals. Deep, peaceful meditation; uplifts emotions. Centering, overview, patience under stress, helps us navigate business/managerial/personal challenges with a clear head and steady hand. Giving and receiving easily. Balances yin-yang. Eyes, brain, Central Nervous System, heart, opens spiritual/brow chakra for day-to-day living with an open heart and mind.

Most of the incredibly beautiful variations of stones and crystals, come from a few selected sites we have come across and have been listed with using their current inventory.

Golden Aragonite are powerful allies for the healing and balancing of the emotional body. They can assist in maintaining a centre of serenity in trying circumstances and in discharging subconsciously held tensions relating to past emotional wounds. Meditation with these beautiful crystals can open the inner eye to visionary experiences of past lives and forgotten events in this lifetime. Such memories can initially occur as the vivid re-experiencing of old wounding. These stones can help one be consciously aware of imbalances within one’s energy field or within the field of someone else who holds them. They are powerful diagnostic tools for crystal workers who do body. They are wonderful tools for releasing pain and fear, and bring more love into the world.

Aragonite, like calcite, is made up of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It differs from calcite, however, in its internal crystalline structure. Dense masses of tiny aragonite crystals can be difficult to distinguish from calcite, but when the crystals are large, they reveal a distinctive external form, or crystal habit. Aragonite crystals are long and needle-like (acicular), whereas those of calcite tend to be stubby or dog-tooth-like (often rhombohedral, but calcite is a master of disguises–easily the most capricious of minerals when it comes to outward appearances). Bushes of acicular aragonite crystals are also known as frostwork, as in the top photo.

If you simply can’t resist the urge to ire some student of mineralogy, remind them that aragonite and calcite are happy bedfellows in many caves. They’ll stammer, stab at phase diagrams like they were holy scripture, and insist that aragonite just plain isn’t stable at such low pressures and temperatures. But even as they speak, cave aragonite grows on, seemingly in open defiance of the laws of chemistry. Its secret: a loophole clause known as “magnesium-poisoning”.

“Magnesium-poisoning” is the name given by carbonate geologist Robert Folk to the phenomenon by which certain solutions supersaturated with respect to calcite are inhibited from actually precipitating calcite due to high concentrations of magnesium. It seems that the magnesium ion somehow interferes with the lateral growth of calcite crystals. As calcite deposition is suppressed throughout evaporation or degassing of carbon dioxide, the higher supersaturation concentration of aragonite is eventually reached. The lengthwise growth of aragonite crystals is not inhibited by magnesium; they grow freely in an environment that would otherwise be foreign to them.

Due to its dependence on the magnesium ion, aragonite is typically the product of evaporation. Evaporation drives the concentrations of all ionic species up. As calcium is lost to calcite precipitation, the magnesium-to-calcium ratio increases to the point at which calcite growth is inhibited (about 2.9:1), and aragonite is thenceforth deposited. A common progression from calcite to aragonite due to evaporative enrichment is seen the bottom photo, where a nodular mass of calcite popcorn is tipped by sprays of aragonite needles.

Aragonite crystals can be used for centering oneself before healing or meditation, allowing for stimulation of communication on the higher planes. Relieves stress and anger, bringing patience when it is needed most! Aragonite promotes reliability in people and discipline. Provides insight into problems. An aragonite elixir can be used as a “spring tonic” and for the amelioration of general aches and pains.” Aragonite increases self-worth and self-confidence. In business, Aragonite helps clear the mind and provide energy required to meet professional challenges. Thought to teach the art of deep thinking, Aragonite gives the ability to live everyday life with an open heart and mind. An earthly grounding stone, Aragonite shows one how to effectively give-and-take, by making one think before acting, and is believed to teach moderation in all things. Aragonite has also been used to help access past lives. Aragonite increases energy levels and the energy of prayers. Because of its positive influence on the brain, nervous system and heart it brings energy to chronic fatigue sufferers. Aragonite helps with hair loss and skin disorders, working on areas that need calcium, such as strengthening and mending broken bones and providing relief from spinal pain. It is said that placing Aragonite on the body when chilled from the flu or a cold will bring instant warmth to the body and rid the body of the chill.

Chakras: Sacral
Astrological sign: None


Aragonite was named after the Aragon region in Spain where it was discovered. It is an excellent stone to have around in times of stress as it is said to reduce anger and to enhance patience and acceptance under stressful conditions. It is also believed to raise energy levels and to help clear and focus the mind so that you can concentrate on the task in hand.

Aragonite is good to use when you are preparing for a meditation session, as it is said to raise vibrations to a high spiritual level.

In healing Aragonite is believed to aid calcium absorption, heal bones and relieve pain. It is also said to be beneficial for Reynaud’s disease. Aragonite can be used to relieve a painful knee by placing it on the affected area and holding it in place with a bandage.

‘May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.’
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