I lie nude on a blanket deep in the forest,
Waiting for my lover to join me.
It is getting darker and darker,
And still he does not come.
We were to celebrate rites here
In the forest, dancing to the goddess
Of the moon.
There is a dark cloud near the moon
And the winds pick up and moan,
Swaying the treetops.
I wrap filmy draperies around me
And grab my cymbals
And the wreath of flowers I’d woven
Earlier, while waiting for my love.
It is time to dance!
My lover may join me as he will.
Lord, Lady, I honor you!
Guide my feet in the movements
Of the dance; as I sway to the music
Of the wind, and connect
To the beauty Of Gaia, the earth.
My feet dance the movements of praise,
My hands weave magic patterns.
I yearn for a oneness with my Divine
Parents, and they lead me to an
Ecstatic frenzy to music
As Pan plays a flute far away.
I feel my lover join me, as we jump
And twirl together, moving our steps
To the cymbals and the flute…
Then winding our bodies in praise
To the Moon Goddess and the Lord
Of the Hunt.  They send us the blessing
Of a light rain, and we wrap ourselves
In the blanket, laughing and mingling
Our bodies and souls
In the ancient dance of love,
Celebrating here in the sacred grove.

© Copyright 1/29/06
Beth Johnson   (Mystic Amazon)