A Very Blessed Tuesday Morn’ to all my Family & Friends!

Good morning, FAMILY! How are ya’ll doing this morning? Do I have a captive audience or a snow bound one? I was digging around in the Spring graphics and come up with this, sorry!

I know most of us don’t even want to think about snow, me in particular. I am not a cold weather person. I would move to Florida but I heard it is 20 degrees down there. And to think, I have family that moved down there to get away from the cold. I guess the jokes on them, hmm.

Seriously now, I got up and listened to the News as usual. Oh, brother, I didn’t like what I heard at all. We are suppose to get some snow but it is going to be super cold here. I went to the kitchen, got a cup of coffee and just happened to look out the window. You know I saw something I really hadn’t noticed since I was a kid, that was snow. I leaned over the sink and just watched the beautiful snow flakes gently falling to the ground. It was amazing, something that I bitch so much about and now I am finding the wonder in it. I realized as I lost myself in each flake that passed the window that I had lost something. I had lost the ability to stop and take pleasure and joy in the smallest things on our plane. A simple snowflake, so beautiful and so peaceful, gently falling to the ground. I found a part of me that I really didn’t think I had lost until this morning. But unfortunately I had. I think in the hectic world we live in it is easy to lose that joy. You get a minute today, stop and look at those snowflakes passing your window. Watch them gently fall to the ground, visualize you floating and gently tumbling to the ground with them. Clear your mind, embrace that little flake and all the joys the Goddess has given us. Never, ever let yourself forget to embrace all the wonders of our world no matter how small they may be.

Have a very blessed day, my luvs!

Lady A

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Wishing You A Super Sun Shiny Sunday, dear ones!

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Hey, it’s hard thinking of new greetings each day, lol! I hope you are having a fantastic Sunday. I feel so good today there ought to be a law against it. The glorious Sun is shining, brightly. It looks so warm outside. I watched the Weather Broadcast this morning. The weatherman said it was going to be up in the 60’s and you better get out there and enjoy the day. Well dumb butt, believed him, I always wear shorts around the house. So I figured if it is supposed to be that warm, I would run out in them. I opened the door, not to bad. My big mistake was shutting the door. Good grief! The wind is blowing a gale and I think the wind chill is 10 degrees out there. It’s my own fault, I should know by now, never, ever trust the local weather people.

So I hope your morning is nice and warm. Remember if it looks warm outside, stick your toe out first. Well with that helpful tip, how about we get on with more important matters.

Have a Very Blessed Day!


Affirmation of the Day for Sun. January 29th

“I do not seek perfection – only to do the best that I  an. If others do better. I will admire them without envy while trying to do better myself.”


Thought of the Day for Sun. January 29th

The Flight of Icarus

According to Greek mythology, Icarus was a young man who tried to escape from a labyrinth wearing a pair of waxen wings made by his father Daedalus. However, despite his father’s warning. Icarus flew too close to the sun, his wings melted and he fell to the Earth. Hold this story in your mind to remind yourself of the need to balance idealism and aspiration with a realistic awareness of human limitation.