Your Personal Daily Tarot Card for November 10th is The Hanged Man

Your Personal Daily Tarot Card

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is the most enigmatic card of the Tarot. Even Tarot giants like Waite, Crowley and Levi had trouble deciphering The Hanged Man’s true meaning. Generally The Hanged Man is thought to represent the value of surrender and selfless acts. The Hanged Man embodies the notion that sometimes to lose is to win. Unlike the aggressive Chariot, The Hanged Man creates his fate through inaction and accepts his fortune passively, without resistance. He does not struggle to control the path his life takes, but rather allows events to sweep him where they will, even if he is called upon to sacrifice himself. He is so at ease with the Fate the Universe chose for him that even hanging upside down from a tree does not ruffle his inner peace.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for Sept. 2 – ‘VJ-Day’

‘VJ-Day’ marks the formal end of the Second World War and the end of fighting between the Allies and Japan. So today would be the perfect time to talk about the power of surrender. And even though this advice isn’t about waving a white flag through flying bullets, in a proverbial way it could be. There are few things more maddening than hitting obstacles as you make your way towards your personal and professional goals. We often spend too much time trying to figure a way around obstacles when sometimes all we really need to do is surrender. By surrendering to your obstacles you’re taking back your power and refusing to waste any more energy fighting what’s not flowing. Instead of struggling, you will now step back and look at challenges in a new light. The first step in successful surrender is creating emotional distance so you can view your challenges from the perspective of inquiry. What is the lesson you are learning and what is this obstacle teaching? The second step is to detach from any need to ‘win’ over the obstacle. Rather, start silently asking for insight or ideas regarding options to turn this frustration into flow and then listen to that small voice within. Lastly, give potential and possibility some distance and time. Once you again feel empowered by your willing surrender you will also find the flow and progress. Surrender and stop forcing flow and you will almost immediately feel fear and frustration melt away while renewed enthusiasm for the future takes their place!

By Ellen Whitehurst for