Calendar of the Sun for May 31st

31 Thrimilchimonath

Day of Stella Maris

Color: Blue
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a blue cloth set a single blue candle, a silver star, and the figure of a ship.
Offerings: Guide another through a treacherous time.
Daily Meal: Seafood.

Invocation to Stella Maris

Lady of the Ocean
Star of the Sea
You who guide the lost ships
To their safe harbors,
You who guide all of us
When we think to look heavenward,
Show us the way home.
(All reply, “Show us the way home.”)
Though storms seize us
And throw us off course,
Though lightning strikes us
And salt wind bites our faces
Like the brine of tears,
Show us the way home.
(All reply, “Show us the way home.”)
Though we fear for our lives,
Though we seem forever lost,
Shine your light above us
That we may always look up
And be comforted
In the midst of all disaster.
Lady of the Ocean
Star of the Sea,
Show us the way home.
(All reply, “Show us the way home.”)

Stella Maris
Star of the Sea
Star of the light
That beckons to me.

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for April 1

Calendar of the Sun
1 Eostremonath

Veneralia: Day of Venus

Color: Sea green, golden, and pink
Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of sea green, golden and pink, set many shells, flowers, beautiful ornaments, pink candles, hearts, doves, incense of rose and violets, and a great chalice of white wine.
Offerings: Hearts and flowers. Giving a gift of love to someone.
Daily Meal: Seafood. Angel hair pasta. Sweet breads, cakes, and desserts.

Invocation to Venus

Hail, Lady of the Morning Star!
You who rose form the sea foam,
Born of the impersonal severed phallus of the sky
Immersed in the impersonal womb of the sea,
You who rode to shore on a shell of pearl
And whose powers no one can resist
Save the virgin goddesses,
You who bring the glow of gold
Into the lives of all whom you touch,
Lady, we revere you as the avatar
Of the love between equals
Who look each other in the eye,
The attraction and pursuit
Between every particle in the universe.
Hail, Lady of the Evening Star!
You who rule the night
With its darker passions,
You who tempt the wistful heart,
You whose hands reach out
To all the world and more,
Lady, we revere you as a force of nature
Far greater than merely the human heart,
For you are the force that binds together
All that dances with another of its kind
In the endless dance of creation.

(The wine is passed around, and poured as a libation to Venus. Each takes a flower and wears it until Hesperis, in honor of Venus.)

Chant: Venus Veritas Amor Amor

[Pagan Book of Hours]