Tell Me It’s Friday! Please, Please Tell Me! Merry Meet Wonderful Family & Friends!

Days Of The Week Comments Ain’t I cute? Yes, this is my latest portrait, lol! Well if we believed in hell I could say this has been a week from there. Huh, I guess I could say this has been a week at the stake, poor taste, very poor.

Let’s see where did it all start? Oh, yeah I remember now……I left Annie in charge of getting out the daily postings, yes that was it! It was the morning that we got the call to go chase those little baby vultures through the woods. I had to go, the Countess who knows where she is at. I have a good idea but I won’t say, lol! I had ever thing on my computer for the day already to go. I asked Annie if she would come over and post the postings. No problem, she said. So I left to go vulture hunting and left the office to my dear, sweet Annie. Well while I was gone, she screwed up my computer. Unfortunately, she tried to fix it :s ! She couldn’t fix it so she went and got on another computer. She did the same thing but this time she just turned it off. By the time I came back I had four little pecking vultures and two crashed computers. Well my was crashed so bad it wouldn’t even boot up. The thing that made matter worse is that she didn’t even mention crashing my computer to me. She said she had to leave early. She left I sit down to see if she had the postings done. Nothing! I said a few choice words and went to the next computer. Nothing again. It is a good thing she left early. Then we are short a computer because of hers getting destroyed in the fire. So I said the hell with it and went and played with the cougar. I kept wondering if the cougar would open her mouth and I could stick my head in, lol!

The insurance adjuster came out and he agreed that they would fix and replace everything. All I have to do is pay the deductible. I plan on getting a new computer and when I do, I am putting a bear trap on it. I still have to get a contractor. The insurance agent told me to get whoever I wanted and they wouldn’t say anything except, “Fix it!”

Anyway, I got this computer up and on the net. I wanted to let you know what was going on. We are experiencing……

Annie Technical Issues


I have to reload tons of files on this one and I still have the other one to go. I was hoping we would be back on the net today. But it isn’t going to happen. We will be back tomorrow for sure. Just have patience with us. Annie is still learning computers, if you couldn’t tell, lol!

Have a very Blessed Day,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Ah, It’s Monday! Ah, It’s Monday! Please Wake Me Up & Tell Me Tuesday, lol!

How’s your day going so far? I hope fantastic. I don’t even want to talk about mine. But I do have a question, why does everyone not like Mondays? I was going through the graphics to post a pic. I could not find one that said anything nice about Mondays! I know today hasn’t been a very good day for me. I have been up since 12:30 a.m., last night. I took a nap during a show and after that I was wide awake. I don’t know I just haven’t felt the same since I got electrocuted. I told my husband that last night. He wanted me to explain it. Heck, I don’t know, I just don’t feel like myself. Take for instance right now, I just want to break down and cry. It has been a stressful and costly day but nothing I normally can’t handle. I know when I am walking it is really strange. It is like I am trying to astral project. I have my inner being slowly slip out behind me. I can see me walking and everything. My inner being is just dragging along. Now go to the doctor and tell him that. He would commit me. You know it is funny. Something I feel like I can talk to all of you about. While others, I have to keep certain details hidden. I would imagine being witches you know what I mean. We don’t go around broadcasting, “Hey, look at me! I’m a witch!”

I have to admit, I do feel better now. I don’t feel like I want to break down and cry anymore. I guess keeping things bottled up doesn’t help at all. You know yourself, there are things we can never mention to anyone. We have problems, we can’t go to someone for help. We have to solve them ourselves. I just feel all alone at times, even though there are people around me all the time. When I get on the blog and start writing to all of you, I don’t feel alone anymore. I can feel your energy and your love. It let’s me know you are there and you care. I don’t feel alone with you. I feel like I am amongst family. It is wonderful to have kindred spirits.

On a serious note, I would ask for your patience today. You know we have the Southern Hemisphere that we do their horoscopes and everything else for. Well their horoscopes and other info hasn’t been getting done. So today, I am going to try to pull up both sites and post in them at the same time. I did it once before and I guess I will have to start doing it again. We made a commitment to our friends down under and we have really been lax in following through. Hopefully things will start to change for them. The lady that was suppose to come in and help out had an emergency. She won’t be here till next week. Surely, I can hold out to then, lol! But that is what I will be doing. I hope it won’t cause any problem here. I think I can post as fast as I use too, keyword, “think,” lol!

Have a great one, my dear brothers and sisters,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Wonderful Tuesday Morn’ To You All!

Top Of The Morning To Ya’ ! Everyone up and at ’em, I hope! I am thrilled because there is a chance of rain. Darn shame too, my wolfie spider and I won’t get to play. For the last two waterings, I haven’t seen any signs of him at all. I figure he has got to enlist recruits. Then they will get me, lol! But that is absolutely scary 5:30 in the morning and have one of them jump on you.

Blew my bonding with the wildcats last night. (I just have to throw this in!) Yesterday afternoon, Kiki would not stop barking to save me. Finally I got over there with her and she was barking because Mama was going into the thicket. Kiki is a very loving pup as long as it isn’t another dog. She was raised with 4 pit bulls. She thinks she is the baddest thing on four paws. Anyway back to last night, I had this huge bug buzz my ear, swatting at it and telling it to go away, did no go. Well the critter flew to the other ear and did the same thing. By this time, if I had a swatter he would have been smashed. Well the last straw, he flew up the back of my hair and was at my neck. That was it. I started screaming, hollering and acting a fool. The cats started growling and a hissing at me. I said, “Screw this s*&t I’m going in.” Well apparently the bug didn’t mind the critters, just didn’t like big fuzzy thing 😦

I feel like I need a little Bugs Bunny to pop through the screen now hollering

“That’s all, Folks!”