Daily Motivator for December 16th – Better than ever

Better than ever

If you’re in a pattern that’s taking you nowhere, it’s time to create a new  pattern. That’s not nearly as difficult as it might initially sound.

You are the person who is keeping yourself stuck in an unproductive pattern.  You are the person who can move quickly, decisively and permanently to something  much better.

Stop and take an honest, objective look at what you’re doing. If you had a  good friend who was doing the same kinds of things, think of the advice you  would give that friend.

One big reason you keep doing what doesn’t work is because it feels  comfortable. So remind yourself that continuing in a negative, unproductive and  unfulfilling pattern will make you extremely uncomfortable in the long run.

Comfort feels nice, and yet fulfillment and meaningful achievement feel  thousands of times better. Your life is meant to be filled with the richness of  new experiences, not just the comfort of familiar routines.

Get yourself out of that same old pattern and get yourself on a path that  will resonate with your passion. You owe it to yourself, and to all of life, to  continue becoming better than ever.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Life is good no matter how
you knit it up
or unravel it.
Pure and simple
Life is good
when you are knitting.

Life is good
No matter how
you sing it
whether the tune
is sweet or not.
Life is good
when you are singing.

Life is good
No matter whether
you are running hot
or whether you
are running cold.
Life is good
when you are running.

Life is good
no matter if the story
is fresh or old
the import is that
your story is.

Life is good.
It just is.

Copyright © 2007 Shelley Joy Tellez