The Witches Magick for February 5th – Banishing an Evil Spirit

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The Witches Magick for February 5th

Banishing an Evil Spirit

Items You Need:

bay leaves
rose petals
white candles
paper and pencil


The Spell:

1. Crush any combination of the herbs and make into an incense to burn during spell

2. Burn white candles while doing the spell

3. Cast a circle

4. Invite deities and or elements

5. Either draw a pentagram on paper or in the air with your wand (for protection)

6. Visualize what you think the spirit looks like, then imagine a ball of white light forming inside of it and expanding until it makes the spirit explode.

7. Say:

“Begone evil spirit,
Begone from my life,
Begone from my house,
I want no strife,
Return to your master,
And bring them the word,
That I am untouchable,
Just like a swift, flying bird.

8. Imagine the spirit leaving you and going back to where it came from and exploding again.

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