Your Animal Spirit for November 27th is The Raven

Your Animal Spirit for Today
November 27, 2013


Raven has long been known as the magical bird—the one who carries our messages and our prayers to spirit. Raven has been called a shape-shifter, and his message to you today is one of change—expect the unexpected, but know that Raven is flying close and will help you transform life’s challenges into life’s greatest blessings.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for Aug. 31 – ‘Love Litigating Lawyers Day’

I never thought I’d ever say this, but since I’ve lately had the need for them, I now love ‘Love Litigating Lawyers Day.’ In fact, I really love one litigating lawyer who has helped me over the past few years, as she is brilliant, savvy and smart. Yes, Lisa B., I mean you! But before Lawyer Lisa I met quite a few attorneys who held their own bottom line above my best interests. After more than a few interviews and those accompanying first meeting fees, I finally decided to activate my ‘Helpful People’ arena with the intention of finding the perfect foil for my foe. I located this space on my main floor and then put a small clear glass bowl there. In red pen I wrote a description of the perfect attorney on a piece of white paper and put that paper in the bowl. I was really ready to receive! Within hours a good friend, familiar with my family drama, emailed me suggesting that I might want to reach out to Lisa B., who shut down opposing counsel and client in record time and renewed my faith in a profession that takes some low blows. I blew into her life, she blew the opposition away and we all lived happily ever after. Well, at least from this side we did!

By Ellen Whitehurst for