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Your Charm for January 27th is The Serpent

Your Charm for Today

Today’s Meaning:

This aspect will be affected by someone’s illness being shed. Their healing will cause positive changes within this aspect for you.

General Description:

In primeval days the Serpent deeply appealed to man’s imagination, and owing to its length of life was used as the emblem for wisdom and eternity. It was a household god in ancient Rome, and sacred to their god of medicine. The Romans believed that the Serpent renewed its youth by casting its skin, and it became their symbol for long life and vitality. In India the Serpent symbolizes the infinite duration of time and wisdom. Serpent rings were worn to ensure health, strength, and long life. The rings were also believed to possess great protective and enduring virtues. The Serpent was a mark of royalty in Egypt, and worn as a head dress or UR.AEUS

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Dog-Gone Doggie of the Day for November 15th

Chocolat, the Dog of the Day
Name: Chocolat
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Home: Auckland, New Zealand
We adopted Chocolat in April 2010, sometime before her first birthday. We had decided it was about time to welcome a new dog into the family, so we went down to the SPCA. She was my first choice of course, just the way she looked at me I knew there was something special about her. The volunteers at the SPCA had said she had been found as a stray. They found her wandering the streets in Auckland alone and she had looked starved. She had a bump above her eye and an injured paw (which they helped), so they assumed her previous owners had been abusing her. She was extremely shy and cautious about everybody, but she eventually overcame it once she realized we weren’t going to hurt her. They told me that she was looking for a new home, so of course I said yes and she came home with me. I’m not sure of her exact birthday, but the vet estimated she was about Eleven months old when I got her, going on a year. So I assumed her birthday to be in May, and made it May 19. She is not as cautious around people anymore, but she puts her head down whenever you put your hand or something near her face sometimes.

Chocolat is now two years old and living in the suburbs of Auckland with me. She is a very fun-loving girl who loves playing in the waves, fetching, carrying her rugby balls around with her, trying to carry logs, giving kisses, long walks on the shore and long rambles with her favorite humans! She has many dog and human friends that she loves seeing whenever she goes on walks. She sniffs everything, all the plants, flowers and even the sand, though it gets all over her nose. She gets very excited when I walk towards where we keep her treats because she always thinks she will get one! Though sometimes she shakes me down with the sweet puppy-dog face. Also when I’m baking something I always have an audience staring at me saying, “Please feed me.” She really loves her food. Her favorite homemade treats are Peanut Butter Biscuits. She is also very smart and knows over 30 commands! She knows all the basics and some more advance ones. Her best trick is “Balance” where she balances treats and cookies on her nose or head until I tell her she can eat them. During walks at the park or on the beach, I can always let her off-leash. She is trained to not run away and I taught her to always go back home, since she knows the way there by heart.

Chocolat is my proof that rescues can be the sweetest. Rescuing is a very selfless and noble deed to help those animals that desperately need a loving home, and a new start at life. When animals have been thrown out on the street and abandoned, they always want a loving family to give them a new start and a new, permanent place to call home. So me and Chocolat would like to tell anybody considering welcoming a new family member, whether it be a Cat, Dog or any animal; Please consider adopting before going out and buying from a breeder. If you do rescue, it can be one of the best choices you’ll ever make.

On Becoming a Crone

On Becoming a Crone

Author: Belladonna SilverRayne

Why is it so hard to admit we’re growing older? Why do we fight it tooth and nail? Society and the media as a whole, wants to show aging as something to be fought against, to be put off as long as possible. Why? Look at any sit-com, news broadcast, music video…. it’s all about being young and “beautiful”. Youth is made out to be the epitome of what we all want to be. Who wants to get old, right? Wrong!

I will be 45 on my next birthday. A fact that, when said out loud at first, made me mentally cringe. “Me? 45?? That means only 5 more years till I’m 50!!” After I said it aloud several times, and really thought about it, I could say it with confidence. Yes. Me. 45 going onto 50.

And I love it! I am moving into the Crone stage of my life, and enjoying every minute of it!

I loved the Maiden stage, when I was young, supple, carefree, and self-indulgent. Who among us didn’t? Life seemed so simple, so easy to handle. And it was. My biggest worry was what outfit I’d wear out to the club to dance and make merry with friends.

I sowed my oats, looked out for number one (me, of course) and just basically did my own thing. I moved at the speed of light, never really stopping to appreciate the things around me, never really taking anything in. Just “doing”. As I got a little older, I met the person that would become my husband and the father of my kids and we began our life together.

And I grew.

Then came Mother-hood. My body showed great evidence of the birthing of my children, as did my energy levels, emotional (in) stability, and newfound patience. I now had three other human beings, put on this Earth by me, all looking TO me to provide, nourish, teach, and love. Wow! As they grew, learned, made mistakes, and matured, I did as well. I managed to learn along the way to slow down a bit, to really notice things as they happened around me. I watched and listened a little more carefully now. I loved every moment, good and not so good, watching these amazing people who were once actual, living parts of my own body, turn into individuals, all truly unique within themselves, seeing them overcome hurdle after hurdle. Such a reward in life I will never receive again. Or will I?

I divorced my husband, and watched my kids growing older, going out on their own, and beginning their lives as young adults.

And I grew.

When I first began my Pagan path, I was still in what is considered the Mother stage, my kids were still relatively young and “needed” me in a mommy way. I was still very fertile, and the idea of having another baby sometime was not out of the question. Time passed and that idea faded, along with my monthly menses. (Can’t say I miss them much!)

It took me quite awhile to realize that I was no longer in that stage once the Croning period began. I wanted to fight it, to deny it, all for vain reasons, I’m sorry to say. I wanted to cling to that youth, or at least the image of it. Or so I thought. Now, after having met, gotten to know, and come to love, many admirable women, all in the Crone cycle of life, I am fully aware that I too am at that stage. And come to find out, it’s not so bad after all!

As I move into my Croning time, I don’t look at it as an ending, but a beginning, very akin to giving birth (only this time, I don’t think I’ll need all the medications!) . I will be giving birth to my Self. I can allow my Self to now grow, learn, and experience life, as I once allowed my children to do these things.

I am eager to gain more wisdom as time goes by, as the Great Wheel turns, and as season drifts into season.

I am learning to cherish the lines on my face, as each one stands for some lesson learned, some path walked down, perhaps a hardship suffered and come through stronger because of it.

I have begun to admire my stretch marks as battle scars, won not on the field of some war, but fighting to bring life into this world, one wonderful child at a time.

I now embrace the fullness of my softened body, knowing that even though it may not bring life into this world any longer, or be as taut and supple as it was two decades ago, it can still allow for pleasures, for physical support, and for living life in a healthy, Goddess-filled way!

I am now allowing my mature mind to expand and create in ways that it could not in the past.

I enjoy the younger ones coming to me, asking for my opinion, needing a particular sort of comfort that only someone my age can offer.

I am now ready to walk towards the end of my path in this particular life, knowing that even though it comes towards me quicker than ever, there is still much to gather, much to pass on, but still much MORE to learn and take in.

In Pagan societies (as well as many others) Elders are looked to for advice, comfort, wisdom, and as examples. Who better to follow than a grand Crone or Sage, not past their prime, but fully embracing it, fully aware of themselves as human beings? I so hope to be such an example, to my children, my Pagan brothers and sisters, and non-Pagan friends, alike. I want to show what it is to age gracefully, to accept that life is a never-ending cycle of birth, growth, death, and re-birth, in so many ways. I want everyone to see that while youth has it’s merits and perks, so does growing older and wiser.

Whatever stage of life you may be in as a woman. Maiden, Mother, or Crone, realize the absolute beauty of the moment, embrace it for all it is worth, and live each cycle to the fullest. Know that you have earned all that you are made up of, inside and out. And fear not, for Crone is not the end of the line, it is the goal we, as women, all strive to attain.