Magickal Activity for January 20th, The Eve of St. Agnes

Vision of Love Spell

Items needed: One dram of pure rose oil; one bowl of water; one pink birthday candle.

Place the bowl of water on the night stand next to your bed. Sprinkle seven drops of the rose oil into the bowl. Turn all the lights off in the room. Light the pink candle. Hold the candle over the bowl so the wax will fall onto the water, and chant the following seven times:

Rose and water,
Flame and fire,
Reveal this night,
The one I desire.

As soon as the candle has burned out, close your eyes and go to sleep. When you awake in the morning the name of the one you will marry will be spelled out in the waxing drippings left in the bowl.

Magickal Activity for January 18th, The Festival of Perth

Wiccan Magic
Feather and Cord Healing Spell

Items needed: One 36-inch piece of white cord; seven feathers, one each of the following colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; a photograph of the person being healed.

Place the picture on a table or shelf so that it is at eye level. Concentrate on the picture and see in your mind’s eye the person overcoming his or her illness. Begin by saying the following prayer:

“Great Goddess Nungeena on this hour,
Allow me to be your channel of power.
Let your forces now work through me
For this I will so shall it be.”

Visualize the person you wish to heal. Begin by tying each feather, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (evenly spaced), into the cord as you chant:

“By the knot of one, this spell has now begun.
By the knot of two I shall now heal you.
By the knot of three, I give healing power to thee.
By the knot of four, you are strengthened ever more.
By the knot of five, you will not begin to thrive.
By the knot of six, your illness I now fix.
With this knot of seven, your illness is gone,
you are now healthy, from this moment on.”

To complete the spell, wrap the cord and feathers around the person’s picture and store in a safe place.

Magickal Activity for January 16th, The Day of Concordia


Circle of Friendship Spell

Items needed: One pink candle for each person you wish to befriend; one gold candle to represent yourself; one sprig of rosemary; one sprig of lavender.

Begin by placing each pink candle, evenly spaced, in a circle. In the center of the circle lay the rosemary and lavender sprigs in a cross formation. Place the gold candle next to the center of the cross. Take a few moments to relax. Visualize yourself and your circle of friends having a wonderful time.

Light the gold candle first, and then in a clockwise direction light each of the pink candles. Chant the following once for each friendship candle:

“As the stars above in darkness shine,
With a light that fills the heavens divine.
So bright with radiance our friendships glow,
Outshining the sun and dimming all foes.”

Allow the candles to burn for one hour and then extinguish. Repeat the spell every evening until the candles have burned out. Save the rosemary and lavender. It can be used later for friendship amulets.

Magickal Activity for the 19th day of July, the Day of Adonia

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Magickal Activity for the 19th day of July, the Day of Adonia

Candle Love Spell


You will need:

Handwriting or photo of desired one

one red image candle

rose oil

Begin by dressing (rubbing) the candle with the rose oil to empower it with your desire. As you do this chant the following:

Bring unto me

The love that I see

That he (she) shall requite,

All my love from this night.


Light the candle, and place it on top of the handwriting or picture. Allow the candle to burn for one hour, and then extinguish it. Each night for six consecutive nights repeat the spell dressing the candle with the oil each time. On the last night of the spell, allow the candle to burn out. Carry the handwriting or picture with you the next time you plan to see the one you desire.

Magickal Activity #1 for June 21, Summer Solstice

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Magickal Activity #1 for June 21, Summer Solstice

Floating Candles

Midsummer is a celebration of light and life symbolized by the flame of a candle and the movement of water. A large glass bowl filled with an assortment of floating candles makes a wonderful point of focus for ritual. Choose bright yellow sunflowers, white lilies, and red tulip-shaped candles. Have each person participating in the ritual inscribe his or her desire with a pin, on a candle. Have each person come forward, place his or her candle in the bowl and light it as he makes his wish. Following the ritual, the bowl is placed outdoors and the candles are left to burn out.