Magickal Activity for January 18th, The Festival of Perth

Wiccan Magic
Feather and Cord Healing Spell

Items needed: One 36-inch piece of white cord; seven feathers, one each of the following colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; a photograph of the person being healed.

Place the picture on a table or shelf so that it is at eye level. Concentrate on the picture and see in your mind’s eye the person overcoming his or her illness. Begin by saying the following prayer:

“Great Goddess Nungeena on this hour,
Allow me to be your channel of power.
Let your forces now work through me
For this I will so shall it be.”

Visualize the person you wish to heal. Begin by tying each feather, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (evenly spaced), into the cord as you chant:

“By the knot of one, this spell has now begun.
By the knot of two I shall now heal you.
By the knot of three, I give healing power to thee.
By the knot of four, you are strengthened ever more.
By the knot of five, you will not begin to thrive.
By the knot of six, your illness I now fix.
With this knot of seven, your illness is gone,
you are now healthy, from this moment on.”

To complete the spell, wrap the cord and feathers around the person’s picture and store in a safe place.

Celebrating Legends, Folklore, & Spirituality 365 Days A Year for Jan. 18th – Festival of Perth

January 18th

Festival of Perth

In Australia this day was dedicated to the Aborigine Mother Goddess Nungeena. According to her legend, evil spirits destroyed the earth with insects. Nugeena then created the most beautiful birds of all: lyre birds. These magnificent creatures in turn made other birds, who assisted with the work of clearing away the insects and restoring the world to its original beauty.