Your Animal Spirit for September 2 is the Eagle

Your Animal Spirit for Today
    September 2, 2013 


Eagle soars high enough to see the grand panorama of life, and yet has vision keen enough to spot a fish a mile away. How’s your vision? Are you seeing the big picture or are you only concentrating on the fish? Eagle is asking you to take a step back so you can once again see the whole. You’ve gotten so lost in the trees you’ve forgotten the forest.


A Charm To Turn Aside Evil And Ill Fortune

A Charm To Turn Aside Evil And Ill Fortune

The mountain ash or rowan tree has long been honored for its power against evil forces. It should ever be treated with respect, that its favor be not turned against the one who employs its strength. In late summer, when the tree is heavy with red fruit (the yellow variety is of a weaker influence), seek out one branch that leans toward the south, and shake it gently until it shall let fall four berries. Gather these up, and also take four of the leaves, carry all indoors, and soon build a fire of good birch or apple wood upon your hearth. When the blaze is ripe and golden, cast one of the rowan berries into the flames, along with one of the leaves, saying this:
Virtue is mine, as of this tree
Beware the fire I cast at thee
Cast in the second berry, and a leaf, saying:
Wisdom is mine, as of this tree
Beware the fire I cast at thee
Cast in the third, both berry and leaf, saying:
Power is mine, as of this tree
Beware the fire I cast at thee
Take then the fourth leaf and fruit, and roast them slowly in an iron pot over the fire until they are dried and blackened. Cool them, and wrap their remains in a red cloth, which charm should soon be buried in the Earth near your threshold. Thus it shall protect the house and those who dwell therein from whatever evil emanations might dare to stray too near.
Crone’s Book Of Charms & Spells
Valerie Worth
ISBN 1-56718-811-7