Today is Monday – Moon’s Day, Manidagar

Today is Monday – Moon’s Day, Manidagar

Monday, “Moon’s Day” governs the emotions, wildlife, fertility and the life giving waters. In some traditions, the Moon may be attributed to a God or Goddess.

“Moon’s Day” or “Manidagar” as it is known in Old Norse governs the emotions, wildlife, and the giving waters. This day honors the God/dess, the moon cycles, the tides, and our feelings. This is a good day to honor the God/dess within. This Rune is called Lagu (OE), Laguz (G), or Logr (ON).

Many God/dess orientated Study Groups and Meta- physical Groups often meet on Mondays. It is good day to organize and plan for the rest of the week as well. IN THE NORSE AND GERMANIC TRADITIONS, THE MOON IS ALWAYS MASCULINE! In Norse, the Moon is “Mani.” Mani’s sister is Sol, the Sun. Sol is pursued by a wolf and Mani is pursued by Hati, who will catch him at Ragnorok and devour him. This is why the wolf is called Managarmr ‘devourer of Mani.’

This can also be a day of creativity drawing upon ones imagination and also a day of psychic awareness