The Witches Magick for Monday, May 5th – Casting A Fire Cricle

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The Witches Magick for Monday, May 5th – Casting A Fire Cricle


This spell utilizes the powerful protection of fire.

Items You Will Need:

8 candles

Fire proof container

Piece of Paper and Pencil

The Spell:

Set up the 8 candles in a circle. One to the North, one to the North East and so on. Make the circle about a foot in diameter. Light the candles. Rip the paper into 9 pieces. Write your name on the first piece of paper. Place it in the center of the circle of candles. On the next 8 write “harm”. Place each of the 8 by the candle on the outside of the circle. Now start at the top candle and take up the piece of paper that says “harm” on it. Catch it on fire and quickly put it in the fire proof container while saying this:

“Fire burns and fire turns all evil and harm away from me.”

Repeat this for each of the remaining 8 pieces of papers that say “harm” on them. When all papers have been burned, look at your name and say this three times with confidence:

“Fires power and fires might
Protects me every day and night.”

Allow the candles to burn down to nothing and extinguish themselves. By the way, you can use birthday candles or smaller candles so the process will be quicker if you wish. (NOTE: Use only fireproof candle holders.) You now have a Fire Circle of protection around you!



The Witches Spell for July 17th – Spell for Personal Change


Spell for Personal Change

This spell utilizes the transformative powers of fire for personal change.

What you need: Candle, Fire Proof Container, Paper, Pencil.

What to do: Relax. Light the candle. Sit down and write down ALL the things you want to change about yourself. Make sure they are things you truly wish to change. When you are done catch the paper on fire and when it first lights say to the paper:


Place the paper in fire proof container and gaze into the burning flames. Say:

“Transformation I call to me,
Blessed Fire answer my plea.
Banish the old and bring in the new,
Clear the way for what’s healthy and true.”

Keep saying it until the flames die down to nothing. Make a concerted effort to change your ways/habits/thoughts and fire will help you achieve success.