Bless my mind and let it be as calm as the breezeless night

Bless my heart and let it know love without encumbrance

Bless my spirit and let it be strong of will

Bless my body and let it release the need for what it cannot have

Let me be without longing or lust

Let me be at peace with myself

Let me embrace the silence of being alone

Let me let go of desire

So I will it

And So Mote It Be.

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Oh, Mighty Mother


Faith is the Dark Moon
Unseen in the night
We know it is present
Yet long for the Light.
Faith is the wind
That whispers around us.
We cannot touch it
And must take it on trust
Faith is the soft voice
Of the Goddess of Old
Who warms us in the Winter
And wards off the cold.
Let my heart feel the warmth
Let my soul hear Her voice
Let me find faith in the Darkness
And my Spirit rejoice.
Let me find She who is my all
Let me find my Divine Mother
Let Her love and comfort fill
My soul during the darkest Winter
Nights and the coldest Winter days..

So Mote It Be.