WOTC Extra – Simple Connection Ritual

witchWOTC Extra – Simple Connection Ritual

This ritual is a good way to put out a call to like-minded people to come into your life. It is one you can do daily, until you reach your goal. For the ritual, you will need wool or embroidery thread in three colors— one that you feel represents you, one to represent your path, and one to represent others. I have found that charity shops and yard sales are great places to pick up affordable balls of wool or thread.

Sit somewhere comfortable and take a long length of each of your colored threads so you have three strands. With them laid out in front of you, knot the strands together at the top and start to braid them together carefully. (I have found this is easier if you work at a table away from helpful cats’ paws!) Do each braid slowly and deliberately, from right to center and then from left to center. As you braid, say some simple words over and over as a chant, something like:

Connections for me, so mote it be!

Braid the strands together a little every day for nine days. At the end of the nine days, knot the two ends together to form a circle. Place the circle of braided thread on a safe surface and light a tea light in the center. Say:

The circle’s complete, new friends I will meet!

Allow the candle to burn down safely if you can. Once your spell’s complete, bury your circle of thread, returning your spell to the earth for recycling. Your energy and call have been sent. Look out for new opportunities and situations that present themselves to you, and be active in following leads to connections. Remember, magic will only work if you are the driving force behind it!

Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell

Your Magickal Spell for Saturday, July 7 – Intuition Pouch

Intuition Pouch

One of the most important ways of strengthening your intuition is to believe in it and to set aside some time to sit quietly and see or listen to your inner thoughts. Traditionally, your intuition is stronger when the moon is either dark or full. At the next dark moon, make an intuition pouch to help you tune into your deepest thoughts.

Items You Will Need:

Choose three of the following oils: cloves, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense

Choose three of the following herbs: bay laurel, cinnamon, cloves, mugwort

A small glass bowl

A low table covered with a clean cloth

A dark blue candle

A small circular piece of dark blue cloth

A length of black string or embroidery thread


A comfortable cushion to sit on

Best Time To Cast:

The last day of the waning moon (the dark moon).

The Spell:

Mix the oils and herbs in the bowl and place it on the table along with the candle, the piece of cloth and the string or embroidery thread. Light the candle and turn out the lights. Sit in front of the table on a cushion and look into the light. Relax, calm your mind, and focus on the light of the candle. When you feel ready, place the pile of herbs onto the cloth, saying the following words:

“Open the starlit veil of night,

so I may see with inner sight:

By magic’s art, reveal to me,

The hidden things I wish to see.”

Gather the cloth up, with the herbs still inside, and tie the ends together, so that it makes a pouch, with the string or embroidery thread. Wear your pouch at times when you want your intuition to be at its strongest.



–Red string (embroidery floss)
–Basic altar setup (Salt, Water, Incense, Candle)
The Spell:
Knot or braid the red string into a bracelet while visualizing your need.
You may also want to chant a few words or speak an incantation.
Knot the bracelet seven times. With each knot, say the seven names of the Goddess.
(Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demetere, Kali, Inanna)
Bless the bracelet with Air by passing it through the Incense three times.
Bless it with Fire by passing it over the Candle three times.
Bless it with Water by passing it over the Chalice three times (you may also want to
sprinkle it with water). Bless it with Earth by passing it over the salt bowl three times.
Each time, visualize each Element empowering your spell. Finally, bless it with Life by
blowing across it three times, and tie it around your wrist with a square knot.
With this say, “With this, the Lord and Lady shall shine light on shadows cast and
keep me from harm’s way, let this be done! So mote it be!”