Let’s Talk Witch – Has Moved for the Day


I have my reasons for moving the “Let’s Talk Witch” section today. It will be after the cartoon today. I am going to write it and you know how I am when I get started, lol!

If you have a moment, stick around or pop back in later and read it. It is going to deal with our Ancestors and rituals that we might be planning on doing. Should be interesting. Because I had never thought of what I am going to write about till this morning, hmm…..

The Witches Spell for October 12th – To Be Rid of Whatever


To be rid of whatever

(negative thoughts, people, and such)

Red candle




Write on the paper what you want to be rid of. Light the red candle and concentrate on it. Think about how it will be when you are rid of it. Pick up the lit candle and burn the paper. let the ash fall into the toilet. flush the toilet and say

Around, Around, Around you go

Down the toilet the water flows

With the water you must go

Down, Down, Down the toilet you must go