A Look At Today’s Totem/Power Animal, The Cat

A Look At Today’s Totem/Power Animal, The Cat

Perhaps no animal inspires such devotion and dedication-or such animosity and abhorrence-as the cat.

To the ancient Egyptians, the cat was accorded a place of reverence in both the home and the temple. A cemetery containing the mummies of thousands of black cats was unearthed in Egypt.

The popular folk belief that the cat possesses nine lives goes back to Egyptian worship of Bast, the Cat-Mother goddess, who had nine incarnations, including that of the benevolent aspect of Hathor, the Lioness. The Egyptian word for cat was Mau, which is at once an imitation of the cat’s call and the nearly universal human cry for Mama, mother. Cats came to be worshipped with such intensity in those ancient cities along the Nile that the wanton killing of a cat was punishable by death.

Bubastis, a city in Lower Egypt, dedicated itself to the worship of the cat. Each May some 700,000 pilgrims journeyed to the city to participate in a cat festival.

Because the old Egyptians has a great fear of the dark, they observed with awe that the cat, a nocturnal creature, walked the shadowed streets with the greatest of confidence. The ancient Egyptian sages made so much of the cat’s midnight forays they declared that the cat alone was responsible for preventing the world from falling into eternal darkness.

On the other hand, in the old European tradition, the cat was accused of plotting to bring the world into the dark clutches of Satan. The cat, especially a black one, was regarded as the favorite familiar of the practitioners of dark and evil witchcraft. The Grand Inquisitors condemned nearly as many cats to the stake as witches. It is because of this baseless, old ecclesiastical judgement that the sighting of a black cat is said to be and omen of fast-approaching misfortune.

Whether people in the Middle Ages truly believed that the unawavering stare of a cat could cause demonic torments and even their deaths, an unreasoning fearful response to cats is known today as ailurphobia. The very sight of a cat would set Adolf Hitler trembling. Napoleon Bonaparte conquered nearly all of Europe, but if he should sight a cat in his palace, he shouted for help. Henry III of England would faint at the very appearance of a cat.

In ancient India, the cat was held sacred. A number of Sanskrit texts make many favorable references to the influence of the cat on humankind.

In Scandinavian countries, brides used to try their best to be married on Friday, the day of the goddess Freya. If a young woman married on a sunny Friday, it was certain that Freya, the cat-goddess of the Nodic people, would bless the union.

The domestic cat was, of course, unknown to the Native Americans until the advent of the European settler. Because of the creature’s fondness for roaming at night, the Pueblos associated the cat with witchcraft, though this may also have been a result of the Spanish influence on their community.

It the cat is your totem animal, you have a spirit helper who is resourceful, strong, and fearless. You will experience a sense of confidence and a new feeling of courage will suffuse your being. You will find that you are no longer intimidated by any opposition that may be arrayed against you.

With the cat as your totem animal, you will be encouraged to express an agility in body and mind. You will be challanged to explore new vistas. Quite likely you were already a night person before you acquired the cat as your spirit helper, but if not, you will gain a new appreciation for the creative energy that can arrive after midnight.

Your spirit journeys will enable you to maintain a careful balance so that your emphasis on an independent lifestyle and quest for mystical truths do not cause you to develop a taste for the bizarre and occult, which can tempt you to detour from the true spiritual goal of you lifepath.


Someone could be seeking your downfall or humiliation in the workplace. Ask the Great Mystery for increased awareness.


The Transformative Power Of Your Personal Animal Totem

Brad Steiger

ISBN 0-06-251425-3


Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Oct. 17 – 43: Determination

43: Determination

Personal resolution points to a breakthrough, but decisive action is required. As long as you diligently hold your ground and ward off negative tendencies and influences, the good will prevail.

The persistence of negativity, which is that which opposes the good, is a constant in human affairs. Just when it is thought to have been eradicated, up it will pop again, sprouting through some crack in the pavement of civilized society. Evil need not take dramatic or extravagant forms, such as those exhibited in Nazi Germany. Garden-variety lies and deceit are much more common and persistent, but should be rooted out just as diligently. One must be determined to not accidentally feed negativity — either in one’s social or professional life, or in one’s own soul. In either case, definite rules must be followed for the struggle to succeed.

The first rule: do not compromise with evil. Destructive or exploitive actions must be identified openly for what they are, and discredited. The second: one cannot successfully resist negativity on its own terms. New, positive alternatives that lead away from the source of the problem are generally more successful, and appropriate than trying to counter negativity with raw power. The third rule: the means used to counter negativity must be consistent with the end to be achieved. One cannot stop the spreading of lies by spreading more of them

Did You Know……..

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest content:

A group of passing-by people, including two children stopped at a child lying face down on a street

  • … that among the Jewish ghettos in German-occupied Poland the most populous was the Warsaw Ghetto (pictured) with over 400,000 inhabitants crammed into an area of 1.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)?
  • … that The Herald said the character Manda from Alan Warner’s 2010 novel The Stars in the Bright Sky was “the most vivid, aggravating lynchpin in recent Scottish fiction”?
  • … that when the SS Ava was wrecked off the coast of Ceylon in February 1858, her passengers included Lady Julia Inglis and her sons, John and Alfred, who were evacuees from the Siege of Lucknow, and the ship’s doctor, James Little, who was later to become Honorary Physician to King George V?
  • … that Temple III at the Maya city of Tikal in Guatemala was the last pyramid ever built there?
  • … that Green Seamount, an underwater volcano, could have taken up to 260,000 years to reach its present height?
  • … that, in 1933, when attempts were made to restore the monarchy in Bavaria to stall the Nazis’ rise to power, Adolf Hitler warned the Bavarian government that this would lead to a “terrible catastrophe”?
  • … that although Jeremy Howard-Williams was a fighter pilot, he wrote the “classic account of the sail-maker’s art”?

Did You Know…….

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest content:

View of a wide lit tunnel stretching into the distance

  • … that the underground Fortress of Mimoyecques (pictured) was built by Nazi Germany to bombard London with 10 shells a minute using the V-3 supergun?
  • … that the competition to build the fastest production motorcycle raged for over a century, and then ended in a truce?
  • … that Indian communist leader V. Subbiah was elected to the Senate of France in 1947?
  • … that DarkOrbit is an online game that gives players a chance to win up to £10,000 of real cash?
  • … that Judge Hugo Friend, who presided over the 1921 Black Sox trial, smiled as the defendants were acquitted and died in 1966 while listening by radio to a White Sox game?
  • … that a proud Massachusetts father commissioned award-winning composer Peter Child to compose a string quartet in honor of his son’s birth?
  • … that the wasp Dinocampus coccinellae can turn a ladybird into a “zombie bodyguard”?

Did You Know . . . .

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest content:

RMS Titanic Musicians' Memorial, Southampton

  • … that the Titanic Musicians’ Memorial (pictured) in Southampton features the hymn, “Nearer, My God, to Thee”, commonly believed to have been played as the ship went down?
  • … that Will June, grandfather of a National Football League Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion linebacker, is the oldest player to officially bowl consecutive 300-games?
  • … that phonon noise is a major source of noise in cryogenically cooled superconducting transition edge sensors?
  • … that Tambora, a Papuan language, was once spoken in the middle of Indonesia near Bali, far to the west of Papua, until the trading state that used it was wiped out by the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815?
  • … that the indie video game Digital: A Love Story is set “five minutes into the future of 1988”?
  • … that Arab prince Al-Abbas ibn al-Ma’mun refused to take the throne even though he was the only son of the previous caliph and had the support of the army?
  • … that Nazi scientists claimed to have trained a dog to call “Adolf Hitler” as “Mein Führer”?