Daily Feng Shui Tip for Friday, August 24

Back when I was first learning about Feng Shui, one of my teachers was discussing the location of the ‘Fame’ sector and the symbols or images that could be positioned there to make the most of its energies. He explained how this ‘Fame’ area relates to our future and our progression through life, and how these energies influence promotions we are likely to receive on personal or professional levels. This space also relates to enlightenment, and how we are each seen inside our own communities. If this arena is in balance and appropriately activated, then anyone with that same intent will progress rapidly up the ladder of success. This ‘Fame’ area is found at the center of the middle of the back of the living space. I asked my teacher what symbol he used in that space to make ensure that he was achieving his personal and professional desires. It is with great respect that I share his response on this ‘Vesuvius Day.’ He told me that although nine red candles was the standard cure for this space (nine is the number associated with this life aspiration and red is the color of the fiery ‘Fame’ element), he himself has an image of a volcano in his own ‘Fame.’ He shared that his volcano was active had smoke and lava spilling from it. He said that the very first day he placed that image in that space he was offered a teaching position that paid three times what he was making. If you want your career or your reputation to erupt and explode, well, you know what to use right? Now, that’s hot!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com