September 2nd to 9th and 11th Birthday Horoscopes

I’m working as quickly as I can to check up everyone’s birthday horoscope. Today I am having a fibromyalgia flare as well as healing from falling in my front door as opposed to walking in because Star, my familiar, cut through my legs instead of coming in beside me after her bathroom break. I broke the fall with my hands so I didn’t do a face plant onto the tile entranceway.

All the backlog of birthday horoscopes appear on the correct day. To find yours or someone else click on the correct day for the birthday horoscope you want to read. You can go to January through August after finding the month click on the birthday horoscope you want to read.

The future birthday horoscopes, Moon phase, planetary positions, daily horoscope, weekly horoscope should go live at 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time Zone in the USA on the current date in the Northern Hemisphere which is 6:00 AM AEST for Melbourne, Victoria for in the Southern Hemisphere. And people wonder why I forget what the day and date…LOL

Thank you very much for your, support, understanding, and patience while I am doing all the posts on my tablet. A huge thanks for the prayers, candles being lit, and donation to make it possible to get a dell desktop with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers that will be my super hacked laptop!!! The computer etc should be here September 18th to the 23rd. I’m asking my patron God, Ra, and goddesses, Luna and Gaia for it to get here tomorrow. If anyone wants to ask for my computer to be delivered tomorrow. I can post so much more when I get it like going back to the 6 different time zones for the planetary positions, daily correspondences, spells, divination to name a few. Plus again doing posts of whatever topic I want to write about.

I am still working on possibly getting a different chatroom for gatherings. Another thought is just using Skype for gatherings we can have 50 people on the conference call, a person can attend either through video or just vocally, instead of those at the gathering waiting without seeing anything as the gathering leader casts the circle, calls the watchtowers if they choose to, the ritual/ceremony attendees can work the ritual/ceremony at the same time as the leader is doing it. Heart’s Spirit Coven can be more interactive besides being virtually face to face. Another idea is using the Zoom app which I am told has better privacy for conference calls. I’ll be giving you more information about Zoom later this week after I research it. After I have researched the Zoom app I will be putting up a poll to find out what people perfer.

Any questions or comments you prefer not to be public put 4 Lady B in the subject line using