A Thought for Today

I have a challenge of showing you care for others. Copy and paste the following on to your page: What could truly make us at least a little more content in our isolation is for each of us to reach out via any social media platform picking 6 people at random we don’t know and leave them a kind message so they know they are not alone. Also, attach this challenge with your message of kindness. Then in a comment on your post of the challenge list the first name, social media platform used, and country, they live in. Silly things have gone viral let us try to get something meaningful to go viral. Are you ready to spread kindness and hopefully easy someone’s loneliness?

I did mine through another social media platform.

One thought on “A Thought for Today

  1. Hello Lady B. I maybe misunderstood it. But I send a message on Facebook to my eight dearest friends. I said I am spreading hope at these difficult times (and forgot to attach the original message, I am very sorry 😢 It has been too long I have been in Facebook. But the ‘mission completed’ 🌷


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