Full Moon in Virgo

During the Full Moon in Virgo, we turn to the task of separating grain from the chaff, to bring the things in our lives to order. Virgo is the practical priestess—the healer—connected to archetype of the Virgin Goddess, Hestia, who teaches us the value of intentional solitude. Virgo medicine show us how to be discriminating and hone things down to their essentials. She is the solitary Witch in the forest who tends the herbs by the Moon. The one who knows that rituals of daily life are sacred, that the body is the temple, and that service in the spiritual practice. Now is the time to synthesize, refine, and make the things of our lives sound. To know just what medicine is required, to dispel illusion and see into the heart of the matter.

Hestia, help me sort the seeds. Help me know when it is time to harvest and when it is time to let something die on the vine. Show me the magic of a simple well-ordered life.

Guiding Goddesses: Hestia, Astrea, Frigg

Copyright by Danielle Blacwood in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2020 Page 55