Introducing a Different Type of Oracle Cards

I found these cards on in their Apps section for Kindle. They fascinate my for the simplicity to read. Here is some background information about Lenormand Oracle cards history and using them. I will be bring this deck into the rotation for Daily and/or Weekly Divination readings.

The Lenormand Oracle: History and practice | Spiral Nature Magazine

The mystery of Madame Anne Marie Lenormand and the Lenormand cards is a legend many cartomancers are familiar with. However, she remains a relatively obscure figure.

Separating fact from fiction can be tricky, as legends and mythologies tend to materialize around occult figures. We do know that Anne Marie Adelaide Lenormand was born 27 May 1772 in Alençon, Normandy. She was orphaned at the age of five and sent to a Benedictine convent school, where legend has it she already exhibited prophetic talents.

At the age of 14, she left Normandy for Paris, and as her reputation as a fortune teller and card reader grew, she offered advice to the Empress Josephine, Robespierre, and Tsar Alexander I. She was accurate enough in her fortune-telling that she was suspected of being a traitor or spy within the court and incarcerated more than once. She was also a prolific writer of esoteric subjects and published approximately 12 texts. Details of her life have been well gathered and researched by tarot expert Mary K. Greer.1

Occultism was rising in popularity during the 19th century, as was the visibility of women in society. In 1858, a mere 15 years after Lenormand’s passing…

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