Taking a Pamper Me Day

It’s hard when working in two hemispheres plus the international date line to actually get a full day off. The reason being is today I should be putting the posts for the southern hemisphere together so they can be scheduled to go up at 3:00 PM CDT today which in Australia is 6:00 AM AEST which is our tomorrow still but their today. Plus getting the northern hemisphere 6:00 AM CDT post scheduled by 5:50 AM CDT tomorrow for our tomorrow morning Moon phase and planetary positions.  And then I have to do Coven Life’s posts and correct students lessons. Have I lost you yet? Because trying to figure out the right wording has my eyes rolling…lol

Long story short I am not going to have anything up for October 2nd except this post explaining why I took off scheduling posts for the 2nd on the first. I will be back to the regular posts for October 3rd in both hemispheres. I will also post October 2nd Birthday Horoscope on the 3rd.

So why you are waiting foot new posts to go up here is an

Egyptian Wish Spell Instruction Video