Good Early Monday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

I hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying their Monday so far. I know several of you have asked about my health and since it is no longer a secret, I decided I might as well be the one to tell you. As most of you know I went back to work, HA! funny, funny! I started out liking the job, then after a few weeks, I grew to absolutely hate it. I prayed and prayed for a graceful way out of leaving the job. Well, all I can say is be careful, very careful what you wish for, I was bitten by a water moccasin(in case you don’t know, they are a very deadly snake) while goofing off on a riding lawn mower. I really wasn’t goofing off, I was trying to mow the marsh. We have had so much rain the grass was up to my knees in parts, seriously. I went through a patch of it and the next thing I knew, I saw a brown flash up on the lawnmower deck and this sudden pain in my ankle. It dawned on me what had happened and by the time I got back to the cabin, I could hardly move that leg. Lord M picked me up and took me to the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital, I couldn’t feel both legs and I could feel my stomach going numb as well. Funny, the first thing they do when you go in the hospital for a snake bite is to take a magic marker and draw around the bite. They say they want to know what shape it is (preferably what state it is in the shape of).  It doesn’t matter that you can’t breathe and gasping for air, oh no, let’s get that shape drawn. Anyway, after spending a few days in the hospital I was released and sent home. I was given snake venom, antibiotics and a saline drip and that was it.

After I returned home, I was to see my regular doctor. We went and Lord M got pissed. My ankle was black as the ace of spades and gushing greenish pus from it. Lord M demanded the doctor do something and she said just to stay on the antibiotics and it would get better. Well, I guess I have Lord M for saving my life and my foot. Since I am a diabetic, I could have lost my foot over the bite. He called someone in Nashville and got me in to a doctor down there. We went down there and the doctor threw a fit. He immediately admitted me into the hospital and they scraped all the dead and poisonous tissue from the area. I got to stay a day down there. I now have a hole in my ankle as big as your fist and I kid you not. You can see the bone, tendons and the whole nine yards. They are going to give it a chance to heal on its own but there is a good chance I will have to have skin graphs done on my ankle.

In all this chaos, I believe good news did come out of it (or else the morphine was talking, lol!), I am now engaged to Lord Myst. Yes after all these years of him asking me to marry him, I finally broke down and said yes. We were to be married tomorrow but I told him I thought we ought to have an engagement period. So we have now set the date for Samhain. I am going to ask Lady Beltane to handfast us, if she has the time. He is throwing a hissy fit wanting to know why we have to wait till Samhain. I told him I wanted to be sure our ancestors could attend, really I want time for head to clear to make sure I am making the right decision but anyway…..if Lady B agrees I hopes she likes the hills of Kentucky, lol!

My dear thoughtful son, Jacob had to pop me with a surprise also. He decided since I was going to be laid up for six months, I might get bored, Bored, yeah right! But anyway, he is a thoughtful child and was thinking of me and didn’t want me to go stir crazy. So he started me another website. I hope you caught that he started it, guess who finished it, me. I guess I am a sucker but I believe all things happen for a reason, the snake bite, the marriage proposal and now the new site. We are having our grand opening today. Grand right, I haven’t even unpacked all the files yet. But anyway, it is set to open today so it will open. If any of you would like to hop over and say hello or just look around, I would be glad to see you. The name of the new site is “The Witchcraft Chronicles.” The name just popped in my head and I took that as a sight as well. Ain’t it great to be a superstitious witch, lol!

Since I had received so many emails wanting to know how I was doing I thought I would give you a quick up-date. Got snake bite, been in the hospital, got engaged, and now a new site. I think that is about it. I believe really that is enough. You will find our new banner below if you would like to visit. And, oh yeah, Lady B, how about that handfasting?

Got to run for now. Hope to see you soon. Till then…

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

4 thoughts on “Good Early Monday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

  1. Lady Beltane, my name is Rebecca, which to me is magical. I have an alter with the name of The Midwestern Witch of Wicked Love. I have been studying Wicca for a great many years. I don’t quite know what my Wicca name should be. So if you have any ideas, please feel free to let me know.Thank you for your time and attention,Positive Thoughts and Peaceful Blessings!! Blessed Be!!

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    1. Merry meet,

      The way I found out my spirit/pagam name was by asking my spirit guides. One of them then came to me in a dream to tell me.
      I suggest you ask your spirit guides while meditating. They may answer you right away or they may not. If you hear a name just pop into your head or someone comes to you in a dream and speaks a name then you will have pagan name.


  2. Hi Lady A,

    It will be my pleasure and honor to do you and Lord Must Handfasting.
    I know your new site will be as popular as this one.
    Love ya,
    Lady B


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