A Beautiful Poem Called “TODAY”

Today I sing and laugh and dance.

because I gave my inner Goddess a chance.

She lifted the veil of darkness from me,

She opened my eyes and helped me to see –

the birds and butterflies dancing here and there.

She filled me with hope –

She removed my despair.

Today I say Thank you,

because She taught me to love me,

EVEN THOUGH, I’m just me.

Written by Victoria Copyright 2016 from her book Coloring the Soul With Hope

This book is available on Amazon.co in Kindle and paperback formats along with her other two books. If you want some ideas on a wide variety of topics to visit her website newfound-life.com

Merry Meet Sisters and Brothers

I hope everyone is doing well and it is a beautiful day. Here it is raining and chilly again. I also found out I have Epstein-Barr virus which is the adult version of mononucleosis. Come to find out with a little help from Google that 90 – 95 % of all adults are carriers but in most people, it stays dormant all their lives but if it manifests once (I was 34) you are more at risk for it doing it again lucky me. As usual with a virus, the doctor tells you to rest as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids, this one is no different. My question to the doctors is, “If I am supposed to be resting a lot and drinking a lot doesn’t one kind of cancel the other one out with trips to the bathroom?” So if you think of it when saying your “prayers” could you ask for a fast recovery for me, please?

Posting for the day might start out later and there might be days that I miss because I am just too tired to do the looking up information, copy, paste it, and all the other steps that go with every single post that WOTC does now and did in the past. Something you may not realize is that common everyday posts each take a minimum of about 20 minutes to do and the extra posts usually even longer than that. In other words to bring you the things you enjoy daily and an extra or two took the old WOTC Staff and by myself upwards to 3 hours to get done.

OK so anyway I will try to get up the common posts like Moon Phase, Planetary Positions, and Horoscopes. But the Horoscopes will be done with the Northern and Southern Hemispheres together and will cover 3 days at a time for the Today’s Your Birthday which I will separate from the Love and Daily Horoscopes. Dear Readers of the Nothern Hemisphere horoscopes if I do not get the new days horoscopes up early you can go read the Southern Hemisphere’s horoscope post that went up the day before because, ok stick with me here a teeny bit complicated, their tomorrow is our today. So the horoscope for their yesterday June 20th is our horoscope today for June 20th. It would just be so much easier to have a TARDIS to take us to the date we want to read….Right? lol

May those of you in the North have a beautiful day with the Sun shining, nice temperatures, and a gentle breeze. If you are in the Midwest in what I would swear is a monsoon season, LOL, this year I hope you can curl up with a good book and a cup or 2 of your favorite tea or coffee. If you have young ones home from school on Summer break I will post a few seasonal appropriate printable pictures they could have fun coloring.

May those of you in the South also have a beautiful day, with it not being too chilly or gloomy. As Winter is coming your way I hope you have a good supply of books or yarn or paints or whatever you need for the hobby or hobbies you enjoy. I will post some seasonal appropriate printable coloring sheets for you young one too.

Since I fell asleep on my keyboard I am going back to bed. Sorry no new Moon, Planet, or Horoscope posts until tomorrow.

Until we merry meet again Blessed be.