Merry Monday

Sorry, I have to use my tablet because my laptop is down. As much as I would like to put up horoscopes today I can’t get my tablet and me sync with copying long pages. I’ll work on figuring out what to do and have them IP tomorrow (fingers crossed). Before any asks…I did try select all but so much useless stuff came plus I couldn’t delete some of the ads from other websites.

My day started out good talking with Lady A. Then (yucky) paperwork I couldn’t put off any longer but that was fine because then my fur girls and I went outback. We spent sometime enjoying a beautiful, sunny sky at just the right temperature. Did my dishes and about 9:30 CT turned on my computer.

Well after turning it on it was no longer that good of a morning. I turned on my laptop to start the daily posts. It was taking it a long time to boot up. I thought I had to many programs attached to the start up menu but that wasn’t the problem. After about 3 minutes I started seeing little boxes pop up for a total, I think, of 6 telling different programs had crashed. So it isnot now sitting on my desk shut off until I can have my youngest look at it for me. The funny, and not the laughing kind, was when I was talking to Lady A. I joked I was having problems with it (I really have been having trouble with it) and should ship it to her to fix for me. Guess the last laugh is on me for today. Luckily I printed out the suggestions she gave me for posting on this great website, so posts may go up slower because I am using my tablet and can only use 1 finger or stylus to type with but I will still get as many up as I can each day. I don’t want you missing your daily horoscopes, Moon phase, planetary positions and hopefully divination stuff, etc just because I’m a 1 finger typed for now. If you see anyof major typos I apologize in advance. My tablet for whatever reason will sometimes attach extra letters or another word on to the end of the word I typed in. I do proof read but don’t always catch the typos.

The fantastic thing about using my tablet instead of laptop is it is easier to post while sitting outside on this beautiful day.

If saged myself and centered so now it’s time to get on with posting for today.