Play by Play Planetary Action for Jan. 24 – Jan. 27

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Play by Play Planetary Action for Jan. 24 – Jan. 27

Thursday January 24

  • 00:49 am – Mercury enters Aquarius
  • 11:02 pm – Moon enters Libra

Friday January 25

  • 12:53 pm – Mars trine Jupiter increases your desire to compete to win. Almost any action you start this weekly horoscope will turn out to be successful. This transit is one of the best indicator of successful action. Successes in war, sport, sexual conquest and business. The good fortune you enjoy comes from your own strong self belief and good intentions. Applying such bountiful and positive energy toward any righteous cause is bound to bring the benefits you desire.

Sunday January 27

  • 2:30 am – Moon enters Scorpio
  • 4:10 pm – 3rd Quarter Moon 07 ♏ 38 conjunct fixed star Khambalia at 07 ♏ 12 causes swift violence, unreliability, changeability, and an argumentative nature. Khambalia is very much a star of the penetration of secrets. It denotes those good at applying intellect to deep research of any kind, to police-type investigation, to espionage, and also to such pursuits as alchemy and the esoteric in general.



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