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One thing before we get the day started, I just wanted to let you know that “Pagans In Action” is still up and going strong. I have had to visit the doctor for the past few days and that has put me behind on making a website for the organization. Have faith I will eventually get there, I promise.

What I want to talk to you about is the government shut-down that is our current objective we are facing. I honestly don’t know what our government officials are thinking. No, I got that wrong, they aren’t thinking. They give us a total of 800,000 people out of work, HA! They don’t take into consideration, the trinkle down effect. You have the government people or federal employees working and not getting paid, you have the furloughed employees not getting paid and then you get to the ones you don’t hear that much about. Those are the little people in our country that apparently no one gives a damn about. I am sorry for the language but….Kentucky is a very, very poor state to start with. The government shut-down is starting to hit here hard. I know of only my local area, so if your area is being effected let me know about it also. If I don’t know about your area, then I can’t get the word out and possibly get help to those who need it.

Back to how the government shut-down is effecting the residents of Kentucky. The senior citizens that live in government housing are being hit hard. Most of these housing units they live in are HUD or government subsidized. When you break it down, it means, they are low income people that pay half their rent and the government pays the other half. With all the government offices being closed at the present time, they cannot meet their monthly rental agreement. Whether the housing authority will work with these people is still up in the air. Last report I had, it isn’t looking very good at all. In other words, they probably aren’t going too. That’s crisis number 1 in our area, the second crisis is down around us in the Western end of Kentucky. There are a very large number of government workers down through here. Most of them are now on their last dollars. They cannot afford food/groceries for their families. It was shown on the News the other day, long lines at food banks. They interviewed a few in line and they said if it wasn’t for the food banks they didn’t know what they would do. With this massive amount of people needing food, the food banks are running low. In a week, perhaps less, their shelves will be bear.

There is a humanitarian crisis in Kentucky right now. I haven’t even talked to my family up in Eastern Kentucky because that area is considered in the poverty level. I hate to think what it is now. As I said I know Kentucky is not the only state hurting right now, I just don’t know about the others. Tell me about them and again, we will try to get some aid to the agencies in that area.

I don’t know if this government shut-down is ever going to end. I get up every morning and hope and pray that some how, some way, it has ended. But unfortunately that is not the case. I don’t know what they expect people to do. Things are getting bad and I am afraid they are going to get much worse before it is over. We desperately need your help. I have found out that as far as the senior citizens go, a few hundred dollars would help about 10 families meet the other portion of rent that the government pays. As for the food banks, any amount would be appreciated because those ladies know how to stretch a dollar.

I am begging you, for Goddess’ sake, we cannot stand by and watch our senior citizens get thrown out of their apartment into 4 degree weather. We can’t stand by and watch our brothers & sisters go hungry. We can’t do it. If we as a people turn our backs on our neighbors, our family, our friends, then what kind of people are we. The government started this mess but they sure haven’t offered a way to clear it up yet. They don’t care. It is plain and simple as that, they just don’t care. A government is suppose to work for its people, our system has failed all of us. Every day facts prove that, Nancy was wanting to fly overseas for two weeks to visit the troops and tour the Middle East. What is wrong with her? She should be at home trying to end this stale mate. Then they are bickering over the State of the Union speech. Give me a break, there are people in this country going hungry and they are arguing over a speech. They don’t realize that people’s lives are hanging in the balance while they arguing over the simplest thing. It is absolutely pathetic when people are being evicted from their homes and put out on the street and families are starting to starve and they argue about a damn speech. I know one thing and I can guarantee you I will remind you when election time comes around, these people care no more than this for us, then why should we put them back in office. By that time, we will all have starved to death or won’t have the strength enough to make it to the ballot box to keep them from getting re-elected.

I am sorry for the rant but the whole mess makes me sick at my stomach. We desperately need your help. We need to help the senior citizens and we need to help the food banks. I beg you, if you have an extra dime, quarter, dollar, any amount, it will be greatly appreciated. Also if you will take our banner (I will put it below for you) and put it up on your site that will help, We have to act and we have to act now for the sake of our fellow brothers & sisters. It doesn’t matter if they are Pagan or not, all that matters is that they are human and they need our help.

Thank you,

Lady Abyss





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Whether we collect enough to pay a few seniors’ rent or donate the funds to a food bank, the receipt will be posted on this site for all to see.

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  1. I live in the uk and to be honest tend to avoid the news and most of social media…most of it is so censored and controlled i probably wouldn’t have heard about what this actually means to ‘real people’ anyway. So this is shocking to me. The whole of your version of welfare has basically stopped? This is unforgivable! Good luck with your project. Blessed be 💖🙏


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