Your Spirit Message of the Day – The In Between Doorway

Spirit Message of the Day – The In Between Doorway

“I know you wish to reach out, and yet you hold back. I know you feel drawn to knock on this door and to see whether it will be answered this time…and yet you fear so much. You fear that it will not be answered…that the answer or the face that appears beyond the door will not be to your liking…that if you enter, you may never return…I cannot put your fears to rest, for only you can do that. But I can tell you what I see. I see a spirit whose flame has flickered low, whose light is in danger of going out if it does not take the next step. For years you have passed this door and many times you have found yourself here. You may even have knocked at the door, only to flee, like a terrified child, before the door was opened to you. I say to you now: it is time. Reach out. Knock at the door. And let what will be, be.”

”Hideki is a powerful wee dragon who dwells much of the time in the East. With the fear of the dragons that was prevalent so much in the West, he stayed away, servicing those who respected what he brought with him – the possibility for new beginnings, and of chance taken and delight found. Now the times are changing and at last Hideki can spread his beautiful doorways between worlds into the West and even beyond. These doors are between season, between worlds, between night and day, and are of transitions and chances. He now wishes to bring to you the chance for good fortune brought through brand new opportunities.”

“Nervous about a new chance…feeling as though your comfort zone is far better than the unknown; longing to travel and to change, yet unwilling to do anything about it; procrastinations and old habits keeping you from reaching out and accepting what is being offered. You are ready…it is simply nerves that are holding you back, conditioned fears and internalized voices from the past. Reach out…take a hold of the handle and be ready for the wonder of the unknown that lies beyond the door. The doors of perception are about to change…forever.”

“Working with astral travel, moving between dimensions, changing jobs, careers, applying for new positions, reaching out for new friendships, going out of your comfort zone and exploring what lies beyond where you have ever ventured before. Get ready for wonderful new opportunities – yes, tests and challenges – but how wondrous, adventurous and exciting life is about to become! You have nothing to fear, except fear freezing your hand, again. This time, knock on the door. Hideki will be with you and knows that you are about to enter a magickal realm…utterly different to what you have been told and how you have imagined it to be…this is real magick.”

Today’s message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish with art by Michele-lee Phelan.

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