Your Love Horoscopes for the Week Beginning January 13th

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of January 13

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


Mid-January is a time when there is a sense of stillness in the dark days of winter; yet a murmuring of tiny flowers and shoots amid the rustle of the hedgerow. We know it won’t be long before spring comes, but the month is long and often bleak here in the northern hemisphere.

This week too, the planetary sky reflects our desires on one level. With Mars and Venus in goal-oriented fire signs we crave better love, passion and excitement. With Mercury, the sun and Saturn in earthy Capricorn, we know we must work hard to achieve those desires.



It’s time to go with the flow and discover a more romantic you. It might seem that the fulfillment you seek is a long way off, however confident you feel about your love life, but in the weeks to come, you will find the journey gets easier, and your heart is on the right track for success.



Slowly, you’re wishing for passion again. Sometimes you need to be surrounded by the social throng to feel alive. It’s all about to get better, and soon you will be able to enjoy more romance and less grief.



This week, you need more independence and feel it’s time to personally evolve. Now that things have become clearer, romance can grow again. It may actually be that a ‘forever after commitment’ is what you secretly want, and it may just be that’s what you’re going to get sooner than you thought.



While ideal love is unconditional, ordinary love depends on conditions – in other words we establish personal boundaries about what we accept and need from others. And this week, it’s time to chose carefully, and hopefully opt for the love which allows both of you some space. This isn’t about seeing love as an idealised happy-ever-afterness, but one where you can give of yourself truly to someone, and get back what you truly long for.



So, you decided to be more laid back about a relationship, and tried not to pin someone down to this or that. In fact, you were happy to sit it out and let things evolve at their own pace.  But this week, exciting thoughts arise about how you have to throw yourself into the deep end, and who cares about a conventional approach? Time to take a risk and see how liberating it can be.



At last you’re beginning to see how to animate your relationship to include both the security you cherish, and the excitment you desire. Time to admit to yourself that you need some adventure in your love life. This week, you feel as if you are finally in tune with your senses, and that you’re also coming to them too, at last.



It’s time to show your partner that you’re alive and very much kicking and it’s time to love with passion and live with intention. If single, look forward to some big changes coming your way, especially if you move out of your comfort zone and embrace the different. It will change your life for the better.



This week you will have silly thoughts like, ‘ does he/she really deserve me?” or, will they tire of me soon?”  Now these are all responses generated by an unconscious fear that you will be rejected, or perhaps you’re not good enough to be loved.  But very soon, you’ll learn that love isn’t about ‘who’s good enough,’ it’s more about who’s willing to love without conditions.



We all have emotional ‘baggage.’ And we all try to dump it, fearful that it’s lingering presence in our hallways means we can’t move forward. But it’s not so much that we’re stuck with what we had, it is the very attachment to the baggage which causes most trouble. This week, you learn to step over the bags in the hall and move out into the big wide world.



With the planets stirring your heartstrings, at last you can look in the mirror and smile at yourself and know you are loved. Forget the difficult encounters of the past, it’s your newfound heat which will be the catalyst for revitalised passion.



We all like to believe that one day, if we really truly believe something is right for us, it will happen. And this week, you’re beginning to see that it really could. So smile at yourself, admire who you are and why you are who you are. Repeat aloud that you deserve love, just by virtue of being on this planet.



It seems at last you have more passion for everything that matters to you. Romantic missions become less impossible and suddenly the world seems a better place. Rather than become a victim of so-called fate, you have a chance to take control of your life, so make a choice.



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