Moon Diary: Warrior Moon – full Moon in Aries 24th-25th September 2018

From The Astrology Room

Our Aries full Moon is a fierce cocktail of energy, shaken and stirred for good measure.

A full Moon always represents culmination, and symbolises the tension between Sun and Moon at this time. What comes to a head now may seem reckless, headstrong, or out of balance in some way. We set off at a fast gallop, without much sense of where we’re heading or the consequences of our actions.

The astrology maps out a bit of a battle, with the fiery warrior Moon keen to get involved. Yet we’re also held back and challenged by circumstances. Tradition and the law, represented by Saturn in Capricorn, stand in the way as Saturn squares off with Sun and Moon, anchoring some of us with caution, fear, or an unwillingness to act as swiftly as an Aries Moon would like. There’s likely to be stand-offs in our lives, as people refuse to compromise or become aggressive.

Mars in intellectual Aquarius offers some balance. Channelling turbulent emotions, anger, or frustration by thinking things through or discussing events will help everyone this week. What’s bubbling up has deep roots and a history. Both Saturn and Chiron, aligned with the Moon, point to a sore spot, a bruise somewhere that’s still tender and needs some care, compassion, and attention.

Groups of people are arguing now – with Mars and the Moon’s South Node representing situations where past history, karma, and even military sabre-rattling are involved. When people can find ways of working out their differences, this Moon will eventually clear the air.

Mars, ruler of the Aries Moon, is also triggering July’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius this week. So some technological arguments, events, and news are likely – as is more remarkably stormy weather, high winds, and other natural upheavals.

If you have planets or points between 0 and 5 degrees in your own horoscope, this full Moon and her complex nest of aspects is likely to trigger strong feelings now, and during the next two weeks. It’s quite a turning point, following on from the September Equinox on 23rd September. And whatever’s been on your mind since July may also come up for review, healing, or confrontation too.