Chat is now closed

and I am off to work on the computers. Oh, I would say a special thank you to all who showed up this morning. I know it is hard to take time out of your busy schedules to chat with us little old witches but we do appreciate it so.

Now off to work I go.

Lady of the Abyss

Chat is open but only for a limited time today

We have four computers down right now. That knocks half of our staff out of computers to use. Due to this fact, the chatroom will only be open for an hour or so. Since we have so many computers down right now, we will be off the internet today and tomorrow. I might be a miracle worker but I can’t get four computers fixed in one day nor am I going to drive myself crazy trying to do so.

So chat will be open for about an hour and then I am going to start to begin to fix these computers. We have to have them up and running by Monday so we can get back to normal. If you would like to chat for a brief period come on over.


The WOTC Chatroom