THE WOTC Rededication Ritual, Tuesday, September 25th at 7:00 p.m central time

Was trying our best to be here today but life happened. We have a semi-truck load of merchandise arrive and also one of the computers have had a major melt down. I wanted to drop in real quick and apologize but also remind you about this evening……


THE WOTC Rededication Ritual

Tuesday, September 25th

7:00 p.m central time

Brief gathering time at 6:45 p.m.

Where: The WOTC Chatroom

I should add the chatroom will be closed. If you do not have the link to the chatroom, you won’t find it. I figure this way we are guaranteed privacy and not interruptions from the mundane.

All are invited to attend.

I almost forget there is a break in the ritual for us to set up our altars. I have given you those details below so you will be prepare for it.

I am excited about this, I hope you are too and I look forward to having a good turn out tomorrow night.

Love & Hugs,
Lady of the Abyss


Altar set up:
*Place on or near your altar the following items, a chalice with fresh water in it, a dish of salt, pentacle disk, sword or dagger, wand, incense holder, incense(one of your choosing) and 4 Element Candles in Celtic magick the colors are red for east; white for south; grey for west and black for north).

This ritual has a very strong Celtic flare to it. If you have never experienced a Celtic ritual, this is one you shouldn’t miss. They are moving, powerful and call on the Ancient Ones to aid us in our ritual and empower us in our rededication to the Craft.


Remember if having problems pull up the store, Magickal Necessities

Scroll down the categories to you come to the end,

There you will find the chatroom.

Click on it and come on in and enjoy yourself and the ritual!

If this thing ain’t full of enough links already, one more for the road………

THE WOTC Chatroom