About The Runic Half Month of Ur

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About The Runic Half Month of Ur

Present significance: The most popular meaning of this rune is the aurochs (from the Old English Rune Poem). The rune will often appear as a signifier of physical strength, patience and endurance while, reversed, it can indicate physical weakness or a defensive stance (the aurochs with his horns down, ready to charge). Meditation on the other meanings (above) will yield useful insights into this rune’s power for purification and healing. At the beginning of creation the energies of ice and fire unite within the void, becoming fluid (like the drops of drizzle) and forming the elements – the Uruz rune is associated with this union and process of formation.

Key terms: Strength, well-being, endurance, healing, purification, will-power, determination

Pronunciation: oo-rooz

Number: 2

Gods: Loge (wild-fire), Kari (air), Hler (water), Erda (fruitful earth), Rinda (frozen earth), Thor, Urd, Vidar

Colour: Green

Elements: Uruz resonates with the strength, silence and stability of the earth as well as with the cleansing, healing waters. In the northern tradition the stability of ice and iron and the creative life-giving force of yeast also chime well with Uruz.

Hour: 13:30-14:30

Half month (Sunna’s Chariot in Uruz): July 14th-July 29th

Plants: Oak moss, cypress, birch

Body: Musculature, strength, stamina (primary rune for healing)

Animal: Aurochs, wild cow, bull

Mineral: Carbuncle (garnet)

Aroma: Cypress

Object of power: Drinking horn

Uruz is the result of a series of transformations that take place in the liminal space where opposites meet. From the chaos of creation, order emerges, personified by the Divine Cow, but it is an order that depends on the tension of opposites. Uruz is energy and sustenance that has to be fought for, and it provides the energy to defend and preserve one’s community. However, in a natural society there is a cooperative and religious relationship between hunter and prey; each takes risks for survival, and the hunt is a transformative experience for both. When the uplifted horns of the wild ox sink earthward, the wild energy is changed into available resources, and there is food for both body and soul. This is also the energy that is used in healing, a powerful flow that revitalizes the patient by strengthening the will to live. (Taking Up the Runes: A Complete Guide to Using Runes in Spells, Rituals, Divination, and Magic)



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