About the Celtic Tree Month of Tinne (Holly)

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About the Celtic Tree Month of Tinne (Holly)


Holly Tree – Celtic Moon month 8th July to 4th August
Latin name – Ilex Aquifolium

Holly Tree

The Holy tree is an evergreen is waxy sharp leaves, the bark is green in younger trees and then turns bumpy grey when older.

Trees are either male or female ( although the genus is considered male ) the female has smoother leaves and the flowers appear as pink tipped in bud then four petals creamy white from May to August.

The bright red berries appear from August to April in clusters. This tree is associated with winter and the winter Solstice, the seasonal wheel is represent with the Holly energy (king) ruling from midsummer to midwinter, with the Oak Tree (King) ruling from midwinter to midsummer. The Holly and Oak tree are the two most sacred of trees for the Druids. Many rituals and ceremonies are held by Wiccans and Druids with two men decked with Holly and Oak wreath’s to represent this seasonal battle.

There s many connections to tree spirits with the Holly, Druids would bring Holly into their homes as a sign that Tree spirits were welcomed. Holy tree s would be planted outside the home and boundaries as protection against negative energy s and lighting.

It’s considered a lucky tree and many believed to cut one down would result in much bad fortune to those who felled them.

It’s a tree of strength and protection and aids to bring the warrior within out to help in difficult times.

Spear shafts and Clubs in ancient times were made from Holly to give more aid and strength to warriors. It’s also used to make walking sticks, chessmen and wheels to name a few.

Entrances were often made from Holly wood to protect from hostile forces, also window still and door handles.

The healing properties of the Holly are many and include rheumatism, catarrh, fevers, pleurisy and arthritis.

It’s a very good wood for wand making as it gains a lovely ivory colour. The Holly energy helps with overcoming old issues we no longer need and bringing in the new stages of development.
It also help s bring success to businesses.

It has connections to Fire energy with the red berries and also many associate it with Mars.
Odin and the rune’s bring in the spear and the rune Tyr to the holly energy.