Moon Diary for July 12 – 13


Moon Diary Eclipse Special


Moonstruck: The New Supermoon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer, 13th July, 2018

Jane Lyle, Astrologer

From the Astrology Room


This new Moon in her home sign, Cancer, is both a supermoon and partial solar eclipse – silvery, watery, emotional, and dynamic. The effects of this eclipse will resonate for at least six months.

Every eclipse shakes and stirs the collective – that’s all of us. Every supermoon (a Moon closest to Earth in its monthly lunar cycle) tends to intensify our feelings, our weather, and the likelihood of geophysical upheavals such as earthquakes, or notable volcanic eruptions. Link both together, and there’s a potent lunar atmosphere all around us.

Astrology advises us to postpone radical decisions at such times, since eclipses have a reputation for revealing and concealing. You never know what might be ‘eclipsed’ at this moment, or whether the information you’re seeing is full disclosure or not. Here, with both Sun and Moon in the dynamic Moon-ruled sign of Cancer, there are deep emotions, love, and gut feelings likely masked behind a deceptively calm shell.

Cancer’s eclipse stories will include a feminine theme – mothers, motherlands, Mother Church, and prominent women in public life. Our homes and ancestry are highlighted, from our own personal lives to the wider history of humanity. Stories involving water, floods, and fluctuating moods are also swimming into our consciousness.

Our Friday 13th solar eclipse is challenged by Pluto, lord of the underworld, currently travelling through Capricorn. So we can expect some of Pluto’s themes to emerge – secrecy, obsession, passion, crime, finance, buried treasure, regeneration, death and rebirth. Pluto can bring a focus on cleansing a situation – from our emotions to our environment, from corrupt power to rubbish disposal.

A global message is also being filtered through the fixed star, Castor, at 20 degrees of Cancer in the constellation of Gemini, the Twins.

Castor is one of the starry Twins, the shining-bright brother who was a skilled horse tamer. Pollux is his shadowy sibling, the one more likely to create mischief. Castor is associated with story telling, words, language, and humour. Castor aligned with Sun and Moon suggests that juggling and communications skills will be very much needed to negotiate whatever this eclipse may highlight. There could be significant struggles or rivalry between groups of people – stars in the Gemini constellation can highlight a ‘brother against brother’ situation.

This star sometimes goes by the slightly spooky title ‘A Ruler Yet To Come’.

Out in the World

The Sun is located at 20 Cancer in the national horoscopes for Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia. The eclipse brings up questions around leadership, bosses, and perhaps dealing with dramatic weather conditions in these locations.

The Moon is at 19 Cancer in the horoscope for the UK Union, 1801. This eclipse is a meaningful one for the UK.

Women, and prominent or famous women in particular – are very much in the eclipse spotlight. Events in the UK highlight a need for reform, regeneration, or signal an important, even chaotic, public event.

Mars is at 20 Capricorn in the national horoscope for New Zealand (1907). With Pluto there, the eclipse stirs up intense energies and suggests news about actions, young men, upheavals and possibly fires, a heatwave, or an earthquake in the region.

Another eclipse question New Zealand might ask is “what’s been learned from past actions, and where do we go next?”

Mars sits on the Dragon’s Tail or fateful, karmic South Node of the Moon. The Dragon’s Head, or North Node, aligns with the eclipse at 20 Cancer.

This partial solar eclipse is visible, in part, in Adelaide and Melbourne, South Australia. It’s visible over the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Traditional astrology says that these locations are more sensitive to the eclipse’s message.

This eclipse is important for you if you have natal planets or points at around 19- 21 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. People with those degrees of Aries or Libra in their personal horoscopes could notice some eclipse effects now and over the coming months too.