Daily Overview of Your Sky for Thursday, July 12

Daily Overview of Your Sky for Thursday, July 12


The Sun opposes Pluto this morning, and this can be a time of releasing something we’ve been holding onto too tightly or giving away our personal power, likely through relationships or events. This can feel uncomfortable or can be disruptive, but leads to greater self-awareness. Outside forces can remind us of our need to take charge of our lives, but shortcuts to gaining control will not work out for us. A tricky or buried issue comes to a head. Matters of power and competition can surface for handling. We may feel on edge, volatile, and/or defensive. There can be an inner drama taking place now, or a feeling that external circumstances are undermining our feeling of powerfulness. We may experience a battle within ourselves between light and dark forces, or we can meet this through others.

Purging and releasing is especially useful with a Solar Eclipse occurring tonight in the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer, and we’re beginning fresh related to domestic issues, family, personal popularity, the public, women’s interests, safety, security, food, support, our past/roots/heritage, and emotional issues. We need to pay particular attention to our instincts, our deepest needs, and our feelings; and to recognize the importance of our family and our personal circle of friends and the security, sense of belonging, and safety we derive from them.

The Moon is void from 10:48 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to the Sun), until the Moon enters Leo the next day, Friday, July 13th, at 1:31 PM EDT.