Let’s Talk Witch: Common Challenges for Aspiring Witches

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Let’s Talk Witch: Common Challenges for Aspiring Witches

For many beginning Witches, and even for plenty of those who have been practicing for years, the sense of being on a spiritual path can seem impossible to access in the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Studying and practicing the Craft is often relegated to the category of “leisure time,” something to indulge in once the work day is over and all of the chores are done. For those who have initiation or self-dedication as a goal, it may seem like there’s never enough time or energy for truly engaging in sufficient study. And even for those who aren’t working toward a particular benchmark like initiation, finding the motivation to keep learning and practicing can still be a challenge.

So what can you do, if you’re feeling yourself to be in a stuck place regarding your own path? The first thing to do is recognize that it’s okay to be stuck.

Getting frustrated with yourself over where you are is never helpful—the energy of frustration doesn’t manifest positive change. Not only does it keep you stuck, but it actually deepens the ruts that your “wheels” are spinning in.

So if you feel yourself to be stuck in a rut with your wheels spinning, then the first thing to do is get out of the car. It’s not a road, remember? It’s a path. Your path.

You’re the only one on it, so you can stop whenever you want to, or need to—for as long as you want or need to. And you can trust that when you’re ready, you’ll resume walking at your own pace.

You can also remind yourself that plenty of people struggle with their paths—in fact, there’s not a Witch in history who hasn’t experienced some kind of block within their practice, for one reason or another.

Many people would argue that the whole point of being human is to experience obstacles and then grow by either overcoming them or learning to work with them. Witches can certainly be said to have an edge when it comes to navigating obstacles through the use of magic, but we all face difficulties, regardless of spiritual orientation.


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