Did You Think We Had Run Off? No, I Promised You A Chatroom & By George A Chatroom You Have

Ah, it’s been a day or two but the last time I talked to you, I promised you a Chatroom. We have several sites that we could have built the chatroom on but…..none of them would let me do what I wanted to do.  I found us a chatroom that could be embedded on our site. It is a terrific chatroom, you don’t have to log in, you can just show up and come in as anonymous or you can create a name and go with it. What I found most appealing about it was that it would let me get the size of chatroom I wanted (I mean big wise). Also this chatroom can hold hundreds of chatters at the same time, which I found most chatrooms can’t do that.  I really like this chatroom and I wanted it for us. I went to the original site I wanted to create it on but I ran into a problem. The pages wouldn’t expand to the size of the chatroom. I was disappointed to say the least. So I scratched my head and it hit me, the store. We are allowed to have extra pages to the store and those pages expand to huge sizes. I got busy and started building. As I was building I thought of another plus, we won’t have strangers coming into our site like we did last time. Last time we had people running in and hollering “Hail ISIS” and leaving. Then I started receiving death threats. So having this chatroom behind the store, I feel is a good choice because it is hidden from the public and only members will know when we are having chats.


I can’t wait to have the first chat. I was thinking about Saturday. I don’t believe there is any holiday or special occasion for that day. Oops! forgot to check the moon phase. Might change that if the moon is changing to a phase the Coven might be having their rituals. Anyway, I will let you know but for right now, if the moon is right, we will have a chat Saturday. It will be a very informal chat, a get to know you chat. We can talk, you can get to know me and if you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them. Don’t worry I will remind you several times about it.

Now while you are waiting on us to get started, go check out your new chatroom. I hope you like it and I hope we have many chats to come in it.  See you in a minute. Till then….

Love ya,

Lady A


The above banner is at the bottom of the page and there is also a link in the main menu above to the chatroom.


One thought on “Did You Think We Had Run Off? No, I Promised You A Chatroom & By George A Chatroom You Have

  1. Hi Lady A,
    Saturday would be fantastic. The COven has nothing planned until the full Moon on July 27th. Please keep in mind when setting the time that the Coven has people in both hemispheres that would like to attend. The one with the biggest time difference lives in Melbourne, Australia which is 15 hours ahead of our Central Time Zone. Looking forward to getting to meet new people. Thank you for pulling this together so quickly!

    Love ya sister,
    Lady B


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