Till tomorrow, my sweets……

2 thoughts on “Till tomorrow, my sweets……

  1. I earnestly have been expecting today’s daily post but have received none . what happened ? Your wotc member Comfort

    On Wednesday, 4 July 2018, Witches Of The Craft® wrote:

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    1. Well Comfort, I can tell you what happened. I don’t know if you know it or not but we have had some several storms come through here recently. Our power and Internet has been coming and going for the last two days. Yesterday, we drove 15 miles only to find that the Internet was out at the office. We called our Internet provider and found out it would not be restored till 3 p.m., yesterday afternoon. There are somethings that are beyond our control and the Internet and the power is just some of those things. We have severe storms moving through this morning so we might disappear. I am sorry that our outage inconvenienced you but we were also inconvenienced as well.


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