Should Add Footnote for Those New To The WOTC

Real quick, I mean it, real quick, lol! I know we have picked up lots of new members in the past month. I know the older members know this but perhaps the newer ones don’t. The daily information that we put out is for our members to use on their sites if they would like to do so. We started out as a resource site for other Pagan groups and we eventually had individuals joining us. Which was great! Then they got to asking why we put out so much information a day. I told them that we had been a resource for other sites but since the other sites were fading fast we  were now open to all Pagan, Witches, Wiccans, and anyone else who cared to join.

Our information is free for you to reblog on your site or copy and paste it on site. Like today, we are doing the “Magickal Hints & Tips”,” if you see one you like grab it and take it back to your site. There is one special section that I do called “The Witch Said What” and that section really gets the reblogs.

I just wanted to let the new members know that our information is free to use. See something you like grab. You are the reason we do this every day and we want to provide you with helpful and informative information.

Lady A