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We all have negative things happen in our lives and negative people that try to put us down. This is a picture my younger daughter sent to me when I was going through a nasty divorce many, many years ag ho. I was getting rid of an abuser and found this very helpful and to the point. I hope if you are in need of “hearing” the words that they help the way they have helped me.

Blessed be dear ones.

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2 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. Wow….I always love your posts, Lady Beltane. However this particular post….I really needed to read those words. My son and I had been living with my parents from when he was 2 years old. Life was perfect! Then when he turned 4, my emotionally challenged brother moved in. 2 years and an order of protection later, I was finally able to move my son and I out of our previously happy home. Sadly, my father was diagnosed with a severe form of Dementia last year and he is decompensating rapidly. My brother up and left again and now my elderly parents need me once more. I had just started to feel ok and now, the idea of moving back there (even tho my brother is gone), has caused all of the pain and trauma to resurface. I feel like I took 20 steps backwards.
    Then I read your post this morning. And I immediately felt stronger. I WILL NOT let this define or confine me!
    Thank you so very much! Blessed Be!


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