Your Cosmic Calendar For 25th August to 26th August 2017

Your Cosmic Calendar For 25th August to 26th August 2017


Western Tropical Planetary Positions


While you will long for better opportunities, things may not really work out for you, according to the Cosmic Calendar. Disputes with seniors are possible. Businessmen will be tempted to take risks. On the romantic front, you will act on instinct, but if you are not clear about what you want, you might get into trouble. You will be highly sexed up, which may lead your partner to think that you are being too aggressive. On the relationship front, it is likely that a person who enters your life now may cause problems later. Impulsive behaviour can harm your married life. Financially, you will be in a hurry to make a quick buck but must remember that haste makes waste. Cutting corners now will backfire as per the Cosmic Calendar.

Career And Business

According to the Cosmic Calendar, you may have a strong desire for gaining bigger and better opportunities. Important discussions and negotiations may not bear desired fruits. There will be issues surrounding communications and agreements at your workplace. Confrontations are very likely to surface with seniors. This period will give you the courage to follow through on new business ideas. There will be more of a tendency to take risks in your business as per the Cosmic Calendar. Caution should be applied since the planetary influences will also cause disputes with the law enforcement agencies.

Love And Sex

You will be acting on your feelings but it might get you into troubles if you are not aware of what you want according to the Cosmic Calendar. You can be misled or might misunderstand an overall situation in your love life. Some childish or impulsive reactions during this period may cause problems in your love life. Your partner might find you too aggressive when it comes to expressing your feelings. Tremendous sexual energies will come bursting forth as per the Cosmic Calendar.

Relationships And Compatibility

Someone who enters your life at this time may cause problems in future as per the Cosmic Calendar. Your romantic impulses will be more forceful and pressing at this time. Some level of competition will be witnessed in your interactions with beloved ones. The desire to enjoy life, for comfort and pleasure will be stimulated according to the Cosmic Calendar.

Marriage And Children

As per the Cosmic Calendar, impulsive, rash and aggressive actions may disrupt the harmony of your married life. You will not accept opposition to your ideas and will come on too strong with your opinions, which your beloved ones might not receive well. Issues surrounding children may bother you as per the Cosmic Calendar.

Personal And Confidential

You may have raw physical energy as opposed to the creative energy at this time according to the Cosmic Calendar. Sexual activity will increase and can be part of the picture now. You will be proactive, and willing to put your ideas into action as per the Cosmic Calendar. Accidents may take place due to sudden careless actions.

Wealth And Property-Finance

According to the Cosmic Calendar, you need to remember that ‘haste makes waste’ as the period may provoke you to take ambitious steps for quick gain. Your tendency to make a quick decisions or to take shortcuts may backfire. Traps of overconfidence, arrogance, or taking on too much of risk can be detrimental to your financial health. Expenses will rise on health issues as per the Cosmic Calendar.

With Ganesha’s Grace, 

Tanmay K. Thakar

The Team