Calendar of the Sun for Friday, August 25th

Calendar of the Sun
25 Weodmonath


Color: Green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a green cloth lay a chalice of wine and baskets of the day’s harvest.
Offerings: Fruits of the harvest, fed to the livestock.
Daily Meal: Food from the garden.

Opiconsivia Invocation

Hail to the Goddess Ops Consiva,
Lady of Plentiful Sowing!
Hail, Daughter of Terra Mater!
Hail, Lady Omnes Opes,
Goddess who supplies all resources!
Hail, lady of the full storehouse!
Hail, lady of the fattened herd!
Hail, lady of the well-earned gold
Given in fair trade for the work of one’s hands!
Bless this household with prosperity
Throughout the many years.
Bless this household with contentment
When prosperity cannot be found.
Bless this household with survival
When contentment cannot be found.
Let us always have enough resources
Not only for ourselves, but also to share,
For we shall never cease to share
Even our most meager supplies,
So you must make allowances
For our generosity, as we take you
As our first example.
Hail, Ops Consiva,
Lady of Plentiful Sowing,
Bless that which sustains our bodies
For as long as those bodies may live.

Chant: Ops Consiva Omnes Opes

(The wine is passed and the remainder is poured out as a libation. The vegetation is carried ceremoniously into the barn and fed to the livestock.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]