And one more time, Solar Eclipse Sale ends today


(I didn’t mention it earlier but…we have added several different lines of merchandise. We have a Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria section, we have a ritual supply section, parchment paper, writing kits and getting ready to add herbal kits. The herbal kits will contain every herb you need to cast a spell or perform a ritual. No more hunting and gathering for that particular herb. We have it neatly packed for you and ready to use. Got a moment stop by and check us out. Oh and one more thing, we have temporarily dropped our free shipping to orders on $50.00 or more. This is a limited time offer so been wanting to shop, come on over. Oh again, lol, we are also trying to get PayPal financing set-up, we just don’t know if it will work with our current system. Hopefully, it will. That way you can buy what you want and make small monthly payments)


In honor of the Event of a Life-Time, the Solar Eclipse, we are throwing in a special gift just for you. Let’s say a memento to remember this great event. With any $20.00 purchase you will still receive the Smudge stick bundle but now, in honor of the Eclipse you will receive this beautiful “New Beginnings Fairy Essence Necklace.” Alone by itself, it would cost you around $10.00. It is gorgeous and will be a wonderful memento to remember this historic event. And guys, it would make a great gift for that special lady in your life.


So let’s review, you will get the original Sage Bundle plus now, this beautiful New Beginnings Fairy Essence Necklace. Not only is the Solar Eclipse is a once in a life time event so is this offer. It will end Tuesday, Aug. 22. This necklace is a hot item, so grab yours quick before they sell out.

This deal is too hot to handle!


We just added a new line of Parchment Kits and writing inks.



Remember for all your magickal needs, it Magickal Necessities


(In case you are wondering why we are running this thru the Eclipse date, it is to give travelers time to get home and get in on this great deal)