Welcome To The Witches Special Solar Eclipse Digest

The Witches Special Solar Eclipse Digest

Your Sun & Moon Data for Sunday, August 20

The Sun
Sun Direction: ↑ 87.22° E
Sun Altitude: 16.98°
Sun Distance: 94.052 million mi
Next Equinox: Sep 22, 2017 3:01 pm (Autumnal)
Sunrise Today: 6:15 am↑ 74° East
Sunset Today: 7:39 pm↑ 286° West
Length of Daylight:13 hours, 23 minutes


The Moon
Moon Direction: ↑ 93.99° E
Moon Altitude: 31.95°
Moon Distance: 228901 mi
Next New Moon: Aug 21, 20171:30 pm
Next Full Moon: Sep 6, 20172:02 am
Next Moonset: Today7:03 pm
Current Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
Illumination: 2.1%


The Lunar Calendar
Moon Direction: ↑ 94.27° E
Moon Altitude: 32.31°
Moon Distance: 228903 mi
Next New Moon: Aug 21, 20171:30 pm
Next Full Moon: Sep 6, 20172:02 am
Next Moonset: Today7:03 pm




Did You Know? This is the First Total Solar Eclipse in USA Since 1979

This is the first total eclipse of the Sun visible from the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) since February 26, 1979. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was on June 8, 1918.


Astronomy magazine’s interactive eclipse 2017 widget

This tool has the answers to your eclipse day questions.

Count down to the 2017 total solar eclipse of the Sun with Astronomy magazine’s Eclipse 2017 Widget from the makers of the popular SkySafari app. The widget lets you know exactly when the eclipse will start in your location, how long it will last, and when it will end. Use the interactive eclipse path map to simulate the eclipse from any location and figure out where you need to go to experience totality!

The Great American Eclipse is less than a month away. And the key to observing the eclipse safely and successfully is having the right tools at your fingertips. You’ve got your eclipse glasses, and you’ve likely got your viewing location picked out. (If you don’t, now is the time to put that at the top of your to-do list.) But do you know what time the show is going to start? Do you know how long totality will last from where you’ll be standing on August 21?

The Eclipse 2017 Widget is the tool for this job. Powered by SkySafari 5, this interactive widget is ideal for all eclipse observers, whether you’ll be in the path of totality or not. The Eclipse 2017 Widget is also available in Eclipse Safari, a free app for iOS and Android.

Simply choose a location — you can click the map or enter an address or landmark in the search bar, then choose your ideal spot as the map zooms in — and you’ll immediately find out whether you’ll see a partial or total eclipse from that location. The widget also provides the percentage of solar coverage or the duration of totality, depending on the type of eclipse visible from the location you’ve chosen.

Most importantly, you’ll immediately learn the start and end times of the partial and total phases in local time, allowing you to plan your eclipse day schedule accordingly. For a simulated image of the sky, simply click “view” on the right next to the phase you’d like to see for a sky map showing the Sun, Moon, and even the nearby stars and planets you might glimpse as the sky grows darker. The slider on the bottom allows you to fast-forward or rewind time to watch the eclipse progress just as it will from the spot you’ve marked on the map.

During the eclipse, the widget will track the Moon’s shadow in real time, alerting you when it’s about to cross state lines and when the moment finally arrives for the eclipse to leave the mainland.

And when the event is over, it’s time to count down to the next American total solar eclipse, just a few years away in 2024!

While the Great American Eclipse is certainly a great reason to cast your eyes to the sky, it’s not the only one. The versatile SkySafari 5 app is a great way to familiarize yourself with the sky, from its huge mobile database of over 25 million stars and 740 thousand galaxies to its telescope control and accurate sky simulation options.

Special thanks to Pedro Braganca of Simulation Curriculum Corp. for his contributions to this story.

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The Sky This Week for August 20 to 27

The total solar eclipse, Comet PANSTARRS, and other exciting things to look for in the sky this week!

Sunday, August 20

Comet PANSTARRS (C/2015 ER61) currently hovers around 10th or 11th magnitude, bright enough to see through most small telescopes. But its main claim to fame early this week is its convenient location just south of the Pleiades star cluster (M45). From August 14 to 21, the solar system object appears as a fuzzy patch of light passing less than 1° south of the dipper-shaped cluster.

Luc Viatour via WikiMedia Commons

Monday, August 21

The day amateur astronomers have been looking forward to for decades is finally upon us. For the first time since 1979, the Moon’s dark umbral shadow touches the continental United States, bringing a total solar eclipse. People in the path of totality, which stretches from the Oregon coast to the shores of South Carolina, will see the Sun’s bright surface disappear and its ethereal corona blossom around the Moon’s pitch-black disk. For complete details on observing this historic event, see the August issue of Astronomy.

Tuesday, August 22

Distant Neptune reaches opposition and peak visibility in two weeks, but the view now is essentially the same. The ice giant planet rises during evening twilight and climbs nearly halfway to the zenith in the southern sky by 2 a.m. local daylight time. The magnitude 7.8 planet lies in Aquarius, 1.5° east of 4th-magnitude Lambda (l) Aquarii. You’ll need binoculars to spy Neptune and a telescope to see its blue-gray disk, which spans 2.4″.

Wednesday, August 23

Although Saturn reached opposition more than two months ago, it remains a tempting target in the evening sky. The ringed world stands highest in the south an hour after sunset and doesn’t dip below the horizon until after midnight local daylight time. Saturn shines at magnitude 0.4 against the backdrop of southern Ophiuchus, a constellation whose brightest star glows six times fainter than the planet. When viewed through a telescope, Saturn’s globe measures 17″ across while its spectacular ring system spans 39″ and tilts 27° to our line of sight.

Thursday, August 24

Uranus’ visibility continues to improve week by week. It now appears nearly 25° high in the east by midnight local daylight time and climbs highest in the south as morning twilight commences. The magnitude 5.7 planet lies in Pisces, 1.1° north of magnitude 4.3 Omicron (o) Piscium. A telescope reveals Uranus’ blue-green disk, which spans 3.6″.


Friday, August 25

Following its meeting with the Sun earlier this week, the Moon has now climbed into view in the evening sky. Be sure to catch the 20-percent-lit crescent this evening, when it forms a pretty triangle with magnitude –1.8 Jupiter and 1st-magnitude Spica. All three objects lie in the constellation Virgo and stand well clear of the west-southwestern horizon during evening twilight. And don’t pass up an opportunity to view Jupiter through a telescope. The giant planet’s disk spans 33″ and shows a wealth of atmospheric detail.

Saturday, August 26

Venus appeared among the background stars of Gemini the Twins yesterday morning, but you’ll find it against the backdrop of Cancer the Crab today. This border crossing sets up a pretty conjunction a week from now, when the gleaming planet appears 1° south of the Beehive star cluster (M44).

Mercury reaches inferior conjunction, passing between the Sun and Earth, at 5 p.m. EDT. The innermost planet will return to view before dawn in early September.

Sunday, August 27

The constellations Ursa Major the Great Bear and Cassiopeia the Queen lie on opposite sides of the North Celestial Pole, so they appear to pivot around the North Star (Polaris) throughout the course of the night and the year. In late August and early September, these two constellations appear equally high as darkness falls. You can find Ursa Major and its prominent asterism, the Big Dipper, about 30° above the northwestern horizon. Cassiopeia’s familiar W-shape, which currently lies on its side, appears the same height above the northeastern horizon. As the night progresses, Cassiopeia climbs above Polaris while the Big Dipper swings below.

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Eclipse Live Stream

Astronomy magazine’s HD eclipse livestream is provided by David Brewer in Denver, Colorado. From Denver, the livestream will capture a 92 percent eclipse, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 11:47am MDT. The partial eclipse will begin at 10:23am MDT; our livestream should start no later than 10am MDT.

David will be livestreaming the eclipse in 4K using his Celestron EdgeHD 1100 telescope and Sony A7RII mirrorless camera. The 2017 solar eclipse livestream is dedicated in honor of M. Barlow Pepin and Donald C. Parker.

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The procrastinator’s guide to viewing the solar eclipse


This is not a drill. The eclipse is tomorrow. I repeat, the total solar eclipse is tomorrow.

Yes, the celestial event of the year/decade/century, depending who you ask, is finally here. Many (organized) people planned their eclipse day a year ago, or longer.

But if you’re not one of them, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you need:

Real (not fake) eclipse glasses

This cannot be stressed enough. Staring at the sun can blind you — it’s even called “eclipse blindness.” In order to view the eclipse, you need eclipse glasses, which have a special solar filter to protect your eyes. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous characters make counterfeits, but spotting the fakes is easy. Only 12 companies make eclipse glasses that the American Astronomical Society and NASA have certified are safe. Make sure the “ISO” (International Organization for Standardization) icon is on any eclipse glasses you buy. The glasses also must have the ISO reference number 12312-2.

If you don’t have glasses yet, go here (maybe)

You snooze, you loose, folks. Stores across the country began running out of eclipse glasses last week, so you may be out of luck. Check the list below for where the glasses are being sold and send a prayer to the eclipse gods that some are still available.


10 unique locations to view the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017

By Brian Lada, AccuWeather meteorologist and staff writer

On Aug. 21, 2017, millions of people will travel to witness a total solar eclipse, the first the United States has seen since 1979.

A total solar eclipse is an astronomical spectacle when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun, casting the moon’s shadow onto the Earth.

Being in the right place at the right time is important for viewing a total solar eclipse as it only lasts for a few brief minutes along a narrow path. This is called the path of totality.

The rest of the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, will experience a partial solar eclipse.

Regardless of location, everyone planning to view the eclipse needs to wear eclipse glasses to safely view the event without causing eye damage.

There are a countless number of places to view the eclipse, but here are 10 unique spots in the path of totality:

1. Charleston, South Carolina

Eclipse duration: 1:16 p.m. – 4:09 p.m. EDT
Totality start: 2:46 p.m. EDT
Totality duration: 1 minute and 33 seconds

One of the biggest cities in the path of the eclipse is Charleston, South Carolina, and it is expected to be a popular destination for those traveling long distances to see the event.

Spectators should arrive at their viewing spot early in the day to ensure a solid vantage point to watch the eclipse as traffic may be much worse than normal on Aug. 21.

Over a dozen eclipse-related events will also be taking place in Charleston, including an eclipse baseball game at Joseph P. Riley Park. However, the weather may interfere will some of these events.

“The climatology shows that clouds are more prevalent in the eastern United States than in the western United States in August,” Dave Samuhel, AccuWeather senior meteorologist and astronomy blogger, said.

2. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina

Eclipse duration: 1:06 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EDT
Totality start: 2:35 p.m. EDT
Totality duration: 1 minute and 22 seconds

The most-visited national park in the U.S. may be the most crowded tourist destination on Aug. 21 as the path of the total solar eclipse passes over the park.

The roads that wind and weave their way through the mountains will be packed with visitors, so those headed to the Smokies should arrive early to ensure they’re in position to watch the eclipse.

“The entire western half of Great Smoky Mountains National Park will fall under the path of totality for the eclipse, providing opportunities for viewing, weather permitting,” the National Park Service said.

The mountains in the eastern U.S. commonly see afternoon clouds on humid summer afternoons, so the weather may be a factor to those visiting the park for the eclipse.

3. Carbondale, Illinois

Eclipse duration: 11:52 a.m. – 2:47 p.m. CDT
Totality start: 1:21 p.m. CDT
Totality duration: 2 minutes and 41 seconds

A total solar eclipse is one of the shortest astronomical events, but for those near Carbondale, Illinois, the eclipse in August will seem a bit longer than it will for everyone else.

There is no major landmark around Carbondale, Illinois, but people will flock to the area around the town on Aug. 21 as totality will last for 2 minutes and 41.6 seconds, longer than anywhere else in the world that day.

Many hotels in the area are completely booked due to its optimal location, so last-minute travelers may have a difficult time making reservations in this part of the country.

Carbondale will also be in the path of another total solar eclipse tracking across the U.S. on April 8, 2024.

4. Homestead National Monument, Nebraska

Eclipse duration: 11:33 a.m. – 2:33 p.m. CDT
Totality start: 1:02 p.m. CDT
Totality duration: 2 minutes and 34 seconds

Homestead National Monument is a small, 195-acre area run by the National Park Service near Lincoln, Nebraska. A spike in tourism is expected on the days leading up to and the day of the eclipse.

NASA will be hosting events at the park and in nearby locations from Aug. 19 to 21 for people of all ages in preparation for the main event.

Bill Nye the Science Guy will also be joining skywatchers in Homestead National Monument on the day of the eclipse, giving people the opportunity to meet one of the most popular names in the science community.

“We’re planning many special programs during the three days, but we are thrilled that Bill Nye is joining us in a partnership to roll out a Junior Ranger Eclipse Explorer booklet and Totality Junior Ranger Badge,” Mark Engler, superintendent of Homestead National Monument, said in a statement.

5. Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska

Eclipse duration: 10:27 a.m. – 1:16 p.m. MDT
Totality start: 11:49 a.m. MDT
Totality duration: 2 minutes and 28 seconds

Weather prospects are looking good in Nebraska as the state sees a high number of cloud-free days in August, especially during the morning hours when the eclipse will start.

There will be many places to view the eclipse across the state, including Carhenge, a recreation of Stonehenge made with 39 automobiles. It’s located near Alliance, Nebraska.

This may make for some interesting photograph opportunities with the car formations in the foreground of the eclipse.

6. Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Eclipse duration: 10:17 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. MDT
Totality start: 11:36 a.m. MDT
Totality duration: 2 minutes and 18 seconds

Grand Tetons National Park will be one of the most popular and most scenic places in the western U.S. to view August’s eclipse.

“Grand Teton is anticipating its busiest day ever,” the National Park Service said.

Those in the neighboring Yellowstone National Park may want to consider driving south to view the eclipse from the Grand Tetons as Yellowstone will not be in the path of totality.

People in Yellowstone will still see an impressive partial solar eclipse with the moon covering 99 percent of the sun. However, this is still 10,000 times brighter than when the moon covers 100 percent of the sun.

7. Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

Eclipse duration: 10:02 a.m. – 1:02 p.m. MDT
Totality start: 11:32 a.m. MDT
Totality duration: 30 seconds

Although much of Craters of the Moon National Monument is not in the path of the eclipse, it will still be a good destination for families on the days leading up to the eclipse.

Astronauts visited this site before landing on the moon since the landscape gave them experience in an area of volcanic geology and prepared them for gathering rocks on their trips to the moon.

On the day of the eclipse, people will want to go to the northern point of the park or drive to the nearby town of Arco, Idaho, to be in the path of totality. Totality will last longer in Arco than it will at the northern point of the park.

NASA will also be holding an official event nearby at the Museum of Idaho, located in Idaho Falls.

8. Malheur National Forest, Oregon

Eclipse duration: 9:08 a.m. – 11:44 a.m. PDT
Totality start: 10:23 a.m. PDT
Totality duration: 1 minute and 54 seconds

Eastern Oregon is one of the more remote areas to watch the eclipse, but it could have the best weather for the eclipse.

“Eastern Oregon looks to be the place to have the best chance for a clear sky Aug. 21,” Samuhel said.

Malheur National Forest will be one of the more scenic and less crowded places to view the eclipse with over 1 million acres of forest.

Hikers and backpackers can find many different spots to view the eclipse, including the Vinegar Hill-Indian Rock Scenic Area, the Cedar Grove Botanical Area and from atop the 9,038-foot Strawberry Mountain.

9. Lincoln Beach, Oregon

Eclipse duration: 9:04 a.m. – 11:36 a.m. PDT
Totality start: 10:17 a.m. PDT
Totality duration: 1 minute and 58 seconds

The first people in the U.S. to see what some are calling the Great American Eclipse will be those along the coast of Oregon.

Lincoln Beach, Oregon, will be one of the best spots to view the eclipse along the Oregon coast, nearly in the center of the path of totality.

Aug. 21 solar eclipse: Where and how to view the once-in-a-lifetime event
2 million free eclipse glasses coming to US libraries
AccuWeather Astronomy Facebook page
Dave Samuhel’s Astronomy Blog

There are many small parks and recreation areas along the coast that are in the path of the eclipse including Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area, Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Spyglass Ridge Open Space and Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Portland and Eugene, Oregon, are not located in the path of totality, so people planning to view the eclipse from the state should plan accordingly.

10. The Atlantic Ocean

While people from coast to coast will be trying to find the perfect spot to view the eclipse, a small group of people will be watching it from the middle of the ocean.

Royal Caribbean is having a ’Total Eclipse Cruise’ where passengers will get to watch the eclipse while sailing on the Atlantic Ocean.

Passengers will be able to partake in eclipse-themed activities on the ship and will also receive a pair of eclipse glasses as part of the cruise.

Tickets are still available for the seven-night cruise, which will head out from Port Canaveral, Florida. It will also make stops in the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

Important note: Exact start times for the eclipse and the length of totality are extremely dependent on location. Even a few miles can make a big difference.

The Magick of the Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse: occurs during a New Moon, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned – the moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth, causing the Sun to be obscured by the Moon. At this point, the only visible sunlight stems from its corona, or the outer aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun.

Correspondences – transformation, rebirth, change, renewal, reflection, shadow work, spirit work

The Solar Eclipse and Magick

Throughout the year, the sun waxes and wanes. At the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, the sun is only visible for a few short hours. Days become longer and at the Spring or Vernal Equinox, day and night are equal. At the Summer Solstice, the sun is visible for the longest period of time (the longest day of the year). Days start to become shorter and at the Autumnal Equinox, day and night are equal again. Finally, as the sun wanes, we are at the Winter Solstice again.


During a solar eclipse, we experience what might be called a “micro year”. The sun is whole, then partially or completely hidden, and then visible again. Within just a few minutes, an energy similar to a complete cycle of solstices and equinoxes can be felt.


In addition to this somewhat seasonal energy, we are aware of the Moon’s presence. Her shadow falls across the Earth as she appears between the Earth and the Sun. This adds the unification of solar and lunar energy, reinforcing the sense of wholeness, completion and cycles of a solar eclipse.


Consider this fact about solar eclipses: A solar eclipse can only occur during the day, on a new moon. This means that you are working with new moon energy (great for getting rid of things and letting go).


A solar eclipse does not have to be visible for you to work magic. You won’t be able to see every eclipse unless you can travel all over the world easily! Simply look at charts and almanacs to find the exact time of the eclipse, and work your magic then.


Solar eclipses are perfect for some specific types of magick. Consider the solar eclipse of June 10/11, 2002. Because this eclipse was close to the Solstice, the energy of the Solstice dominated the beginning of the eclipse.


In the Northern Hemisphere of the world, the sun is waxing as we near the Summer Solstice (In the Southern Hemisphere, the sun is waning and the Winter Solstice is approaching.)


When an equinox occurs at the time of the waning year (from the Summer Solstice to Yule) it is a good time to rid yourself of unwanted energies, bad habits, unhealthy patterns of thinking and acting, negativity, and other baneful things in your life. You can work with both the new moon energy, and the waning year energy, in addition to the energy of the eclipse.


Here’s an example:

Your ex-lover caused you a lot of pain. Whenever your new love gets close to you, you push away to prevent getting hurt again. You realize that you cannot fully love this new person until you let your guard down. About a half hour before the eclipse begins, you work to let go of the old pattern of pushing away. As the eclipse begins, you feel the pattern dissolving. As the eclipse is ending, you reinforce the growth between you and your new love, and the growing trust within you. This waning/waxing type of magic works well with eclipses.


Consider the time of year the solar eclipse will occur during. Is the sun waxing or waning? Next, consider the lunar influence, the moon is new and will be waxing in a day or two. Finally, consider the waning/waxing energy of the solar eclipse. Use this information to develop your own, tailor-made spells, rituals and rites.


Pagan Calendar

The Path of Totality

What’s that?

That’s the precise path on our planet where the Sun will be totally eclipsed. For others outside the path, it may be partially eclipsed. For example, I know that here in my spot in Florida, the Sun will be between 85-75% eclipsed. Still pretty rad!


Don’t fret if you’re not going to be in the Path of Totality. You don’t need to be able to visibly see an eclipse for its energy to be able to affect you. And that’s a good thing too b/c it’s very difficult to catch a total eclipse, especially a solar one! You can be anywhere on planet and you will be affected by its energies, like it or not. You can also work with the energies, should you choose to.


Just as I teach with crystals if an energy is High Amplitude (meaning it carries a whopping lot of energy) it can mess with the base frequency of an object. Yeah, I classify an eclipse as a high amp event which leaves an imprint on Mother Earth’s grid (all over planet) which, in turn, influences us. Make sense? And yes, the effects of its energy on us has been tested by many a scientist.


Many people are quite sensitive to these energetic shifts and can easily feel them. Those who are empaths or work closely with high-frequency energies like crystals or do energy work are even more sensitive to these sort of cosmic energetic shifts. If you’re not feeling it… that may be a signal to you to get out there, barefoot on the Earth & get grounded and connected.


This eclipse is the “bookend partner” eclipse to the August 7 Partial Lunar Eclipse we just had. As I’ve been teaching for decades, eclipses usually occur in pairs of solar + lunar; a balancing of energies. During this “in-between window”, we enter a time of energy-in-flux where things get a bit crazy for us. A total solar eclipse is also a time of activations (both cosmic and biological) and leveling-up, but with this August solar eclipse, that in-flux time ends a few days after the actual eclipse is over; the energetic “window” closes. Although the portal for this time of change closes, the integration period can last up to one year, so you may continue to feel the effects of it. By the way, this will be the last eclipse of any sort for 2017… but it’s a DOOZIE! So hold on.


At this time, the Moon’s energy will be very strong because it’s gonna be closer to the Earth than usual. The Sun’s energy, on the other hand, is somewhat diminished during the eclipse. So, this makes for a more intense than usual New Moon energy; essentially, a New Moon on steroids.


This is a time for:

planting seeds for your BIG PLANS, MAJOR CHANGES
setting important new intentions
greatly enhanced and amplified intuition/divination
major yin energy (feminine, intuitive, right-brained)
planetary activations
DNA activations


Since the solar eclipse seems to intensify our focus on the Sun while amplifying our connection to the Moon, I feel it’s important to actually connect with both solar & lunar energy at this time.


Hibiscus Moon
Cultivate Your Crystal Healing Confidence

Symbol of the Dark Lord

The solar eclipse is the symbol of the Dark Lord, also called the Lord of Shadows, the Leader of the Wild Hunt, Hades, Pluto and the death and resurrection aspects of Cernunnos, Dionysus — and, on a cosmic level, Shiva, among others. The Christian comparison is the portion of the crucifixion of Jesus when he descends into hell then resurrects. As such, the solar eclipse (the Bible story of the crucifixion states the sun darkened at 9.00 am) is a time for ritual observances that link the practitioner with the death passage portion of the cycle of life.


This is an opportunity to connect with the Shadowlands or the Underworld and to face one’s own fears and uncertainties about death. By confronting death through meditation, the face of Death is unmasked. The face one sees may initially be grotesque and horrible, but once the beholder accepts that this is also the face of the giver of life’s energy, that face changes and is beautiful to behold. This is the significance of focusing on the passage. By facing our fears, we gain insight and freedom — death is no longer to be feared.


Once a person is no longer fearful of death or the Underworld, the solar eclipse becomes a good time to honor ancestors, visit with the spirits of the departed, charge Craft tools of dark power magics and honor the Dark Powers.


The eclipse does not last long, so lengthy ceremonies would not be in order unless you create one that begins prior to the eclipse and encompasses the eclipse. Instead, if you are feeling connected, you may simply want to light some incense and a candle and invite some departed to visit with you for just a little while so you can ask for guidance, tell the person you love him/her, offer forgiveness or ask for it as the case may be, or use the time to celebrate your union with the Crone and the Dark Lord. It is also a good time to end anger and hostility, so that when the Sun reappears the Light will shine within you as well upon the Earth.


Pagan Calendar

Cosmic Ritual Ideas for the Up-Coming Eclipse


Mantra Practice: I Trust. This is a powerful expression because it forces to release, let go, and to honor the flow of your life. Say this mantra throughout the day. Write it down, post it somewhere you can honor its reminder.


Candle Prayer: ignite the flame and watch it burn with such elegance. A divine notion of illuminating the darkness and your unconscious. Say a little prayer into the heat the rises, a whisper of your desire and intentions. Once you finish your prayer, blow out the cancel. Watch the smoke blend into the night.


Crystal Work:

Crystal Bath: soak with the crystals, their energy will infuser into the water. Aquamarine, Rose Quartz and Moonstone are the perfect combination for a goddess bath. Add in Peppermint or Lavender bath salt to enhance the healing energies.


Hold your crystals, feel their energy. Spend time easing the mind into your haven, use your crystals to access chakras, past lives, and emotions that you feel need tended to.

Crystal Circle:

cast a circle using small crystals or a crystal wand. Crafting or drawing the circle of energy for you to sit in will give you the space to work with your shadow self.


choose a goddess, crystals, and herbs that embody what you want to manifest. The solar eclipse is a time of change, growth, and bravery.



Write it all down. Every emotion, thought, and memory. Savor it all, embrace the pain and happiness that rises to the surface. Be kind and open with the emotional shadows that step into the light. Healing starts with vulnerability.


Listen to Your Cards: seek guide from your oracle and tarot cards. This is the perfect time to see what your guides/spiritual counsel want to say.



step onto the mat and flow, sweat, and breathe. Connect your body and mind with each movement.


Crystal Herbalism

Solar Eclipse Crystals


I used to think b/c this is a “solar” event that working with solar energies was the thing to do, but through doing this work myself over the years, I’ve found it to be much more effective to work with the lunar energies instead. I also like to layer various types of energies together of similar frequency (enter the crystals!) to attune my energies to these events. We can totally use crystals in tandem with these eclipse energies.

Here are my fav’s:

1. Labradorite – It’s actually closely related to moonstone and it has that similar flash; a blue flash that you get in certain light, that iridescent quality. Labradorite is all about tapping into magic. Plus it’s also quite protective. If you’re feeling like you need some protective vibrational frequencies during a certain phase of the moon, then go ahead and try working with labradorite.

2. Indigo Gabbro (aka Mystic Merlinite) – Gorgeous indigo gabbro is newly discovered & only found on the island of Madagascar. It’s a black stone with large gray mottling in it that can be polished to a high shine. If you hold it out in the sunlight, you’ll notice that the grays in it have a sort of violet iridescence that’s beautifully unique. A gentle stone, I find it to be quite lovely to work with it at New Moon time & for setting intentions. It also has a very calming quality to it.

3. Dendritic Agate (aka Merlinite)- for further entraining with that boosted intuition! It’s a rather forceful energy though, so be careful when working with it. You may want to go slowly & try it out in small doses at first.

Things I like to do:

Create and work with an Eclipse Intention Setting Crystal Grid
Sit outside during the eclipse on the Earth with a select crystal firmly planted in the Earth in front of you to activate and attune it to the energies of the eclipse
Put together an Eclipse Energy crystal mojo kit including several crystals in a little pouch to carry around with you
Take a Solar Eclipse Energy Bath (add several drops of jasmine essential oil [carries intense New Moon frequencies] along with your chosen eclipse crystals)


Hibiscus Moon
Cultivate Your Crystal Healing Confidence

Solar Eclipse: Strengthen Personal Energy

You will need the following items for this spell:

⦁ Optional: Candles or incense.
⦁ Optional: Music.
⦁ Optional: Something to sit on.
⦁ Optional: Chakra crystals.

Total Solar Eclipses last only a few minutes! Plan wisely. Before the eclipse starts if you dont feel comfortable sitting or laying on the ground outside, put out your lawn chair, towel, or blanket to sit or lay down on. Arrange your chakra crystals, candles, or incense the way you want them around you. Light your candles or incense and play the music you use to meditate with. Anything you find necessary to get comfortable, do so. Relax yourself to a comfortable position and begin meditating. Avoid other movements or distractions. Begin to focus on the natural sounds around you or the sound of your music. Focus on your breathing, taking deep slow breaths. When the eclipse begins, visualize the power of the cosmic energies flowing into your body. Imagine it connecting to each of your chakras, your hands, and your feet. Conceptualize it as if it was a fire or lava flowing through you like a liquid, or going deep into your blood and bones. Hold on to the energy and let it soak. Feel the balance of Masculine and Feminine energies from the sun and moon inside of yourself. As the eclipse ends, calmly go through the steps to come out of your state and collect anything you brought outside with you. Make sure to leave nature as it was before you arrived.



Discharge Negative Energy During the Eclipse


Dark moon energy is like all vibration – it causes an effect even though you can’t see it. Energy is all around us. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like,” so wouldn’t you want to attract only the highest and the best? The ability to do that starts with awareness of your feelings. This ritual can help clear the path for you to manifest more positive emotions and bring more good vibrations into your life.

\This spell uses the following correspondences: Sage to remove negative energy and Basil for courage. You can use either of these as oil and/ or incense, but you must also have one fresh leaf or dried teaspoon of each herbe. Your touch stone, which you will use during the spell and as a reminder afterwards, is Hematite for dispelling negativity.


Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. You will need the following items: one white candle, oil and/ or incense and Hematite touch stone.

If you’re using oil, anoint your forehead. Light the candle and the incense and sit silently for a few moments while holding the stone. Close your eyes and ask for the energy of the dark moon to guide your meditation. When you feel the time is right, say the following affirmation:

Dark moon, draw away the negative energy that plagues my day. Help me to attract only the highest vibrations. So mote it be!

Hold the touch stone in your dominant hand, close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. Briefly recall a time when you had a string of bad luck. Things can go from bad to worse very quickly when negative energy takes over. Now, take the Sage and crush it lightly before holding it under your nose. Notice its distinct aroma and visualize it acting like a broom to sweep that undesirable image away.

Put the Sage aside and pick up the Basil and do the same as before. As you inhale its distinctive aroma, feel yourself infused with courage. Visualize vivid images of either great memories from the past or positive situations from a future you’d like to have. Regardless of whether you choose the past or the future, be sure to feel these events are occurring right now.

As you are doing this, take special note of your positive, upbeat feelings. When you are ready, extinguish the candle and give thanks for your blessings and the powerful, positive energy in your life.

After the Quick Spell or Ceremony

Now, any time you feel negative energy, remember the power of the dark moon to cleanse and renew. Hold the touch stone and recall the affirmation. As an extra boost, you can keep a pinch of both herbes nearby and use their aroma as reinforcement. These actions will create a positive, lasting link in your mind. You can cleanse and recharge your touch stone during full moons and Wheel of the Year festivals. Blessed be!


Simple Wiccan Magick Dark Moon Spells and Rituals
Holly Zurich

Moon Diary Eclipse Special


Going for Gold: New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, 21st August, 2017

by Jane Lyle

August’s total solar eclipse takes place at 28-29 degrees in the royal sign of Leo. It’s innovative, erratic, surprising and unconventional. Radiating electricity, it aims a bright beam of eclipse energy at our world leaders, outstanding individuals, royalty, celebrities, and gold. We can expect manifestations now, and on until next January – possibly even longer.

This lively eclipse activates your chart if you have planets or points at around 25 – 29 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio. There was an eclipse at this degree of Leo in August 1998 and August 1979. Are these dates are significant for you? If they are, then some resonances are likely to crop up now. If you have a planet at 0 Virgo it’s also energised and in focus.

The impact of all this cosmic shaking and stirring is intensified by warrior Mars in Leo. Mars crosses 25-29 degrees of Leo very soon, reactivating this eclipse at the end of August and beginning of September. There are exciting opportunities and insights to be embraced, but with everything looking pretty volatile some caution is needed.

We can expect sabre rattling and lots of drama out in the world, and in our personal lives too, for at the time of the eclipse, Jupiter is boosting assertive Mars. More ‘might makes right’ philosophy comes from Saturn in Sagittarius, linking with both Jupiter and Mars to create an obstinate atmosphere. There’s the possibility of constructive solutions, but tinderbox tempers may flare up before anyone realises this.

Uranus, heralding rebellion and unexpected developments, makes an exact aspect from Aries with the Sun and Moon in Leo. Fire is blazing, representing imagination, spirit, and spontaneity.

This powerhouse of creative potential and inventive flair flows out through the portals of the Moon’s North Nodes, also known as the fire-breathing Dragon’s Head. But there’s disruption too, for not only is an eclipse a bit of a game-changer, an eclipse galvanised by rebellious Uranus is unlikely to pass without some unexpected upheavals erupting. As with any eclipse, the potential for earthquakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions is intensified. With all this fiery astrology, heat-waves and fires can be anticipated as well.

And there’s more. A glittering array of regal Leo leadership themes are beaming forth, thanks to the great royal fixed star, Regulus, situated in the heart of the constellation, Leo.

At the time of this eclipse, Regulus is rising with the Sun and aligned with the Moon, for it is currently at 29 Leo – 0 Virgo. Ancient Persian astrologers called this star the ‘Watcher of the North’. Its message is one of glory and success, but those prizes come with a stern warning from the gods. Any attempt to exact revenge will result in losing everything you’ve gained. A calamitous fall from power can be very public, particularly in the case of leaders, heads of international organisations, and so on. Nemesis awaits some, while amazing success is there for those who make the right choices.

The total solar eclipse, astrology, and Donald Trump

Many astrologers have noticed that, if the birth time is accurate, Gemini Donald Trump has 29 degrees of Leo as his rising sign. And Mars in Leo is close by at 26 degrees, whether or not we have the right time of birth. The powerful fixed star Regulus – the heart of the Lion – is also rising, signalling great success and warning him against acts of revenge. So here comes the Leo eclipse and its themes to energise his natal chart. What might it mean?

Since this total eclipse is only visible as a total eclipse in the USA (and partially in northern South America), it’s tempting to say that it signifies some (more) dramatic events surrounding President Trump this summer, and in the months ahead. Not only does the eclipse activate his natal horoscope, but this spectacular ‘Great American Eclipse’ may herald a significant shake-up for the United States too. This could be a natural event, such as a major storm, earthquake, or volcanic eruption.

Donald Trump’s Mars in Leo shows that he likes to act in show-stopping, flamboyant ways. His hair is a bit of a give-away too – Leos do like a mane. An eclipse on the Leo ascendant would boost all those Leo qualities, potentially bringing over-confidence, bombast, bling and swagger to new highs. As this is a North Node eclipse, certain events or situations may be seen as golden opportunities, and cautious advice ignored.

Donald Trump’s Mars is aligned with a tricky fixed star, Alphard, in the constellation of Hydra the Water Snake. Alphard is known as the Heart of the Serpent. Lion heart, Serpent heart – both are beating fast at this Leo eclipse. What kind of game of snakes and ladders will be played over the next six months?

Alphard is associated with poison, emotional volatility, and strength. Like Regulus, the star’s meaning warns against being violently angry or vengeful. These emotions need channelling creatively if they’re not to result in murderous mayhem. They say ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’, but with this astrology it’s a dish best not served at all.

An eclipse on Mars, like an eclipse on the ascendant, boosts confidence and assertiveness, but warns against overheating – leading to surgery, accidents, or hasty, impulsive actions. Mars is also associated with the military, surgeons, young men, and sport. An eclipse close to Mars could represent events linked with younger men close to Donald Trump.

Certainly, care is needed, and a shake-up is highly likely. Let’s wait and see – an eclipse can act as if it has a timer device attached, so the coming weeks will be extra sensitive. Information and eclipse-related events are likely to manifest between now and January 2018. Late August and early September 2017 looks like a moment to watch too – Mars will be switching everything on with all lights blazing at this time.

It’s intriguing that the natal horoscopes of some of Donald Trump’s family are also activated by this eclipse. We often share signs or degrees with members of our families, so when something happens to one of them it tends to ripple out and affect everyone in some way.

Here are some examples of planets energised by this eclipse from Donald Trump’s family group:

Melania Trump, 26th April, 1970: Venus 28 Taurus
Donald Trump Jnr., 31st December 1977: Jupiter 29 Gemini and Saturn 0 Virgo
Ivanka Trump, 30th October 1981: Uranus 28 Scorpio
Jared Kushner, 10 January 1981: Uranus 28 Scorpio, Venus 29 Sagittarius

It looks like eclipse-related events will impact on the family as a whole. It could be an internal, emotional change amongst them – largely hidden from public scrutiny….or something a bit more headline-grabbing. Either way, it’s looking like a pivotal six months lies ahead for them all.

Out in the World

A wide range of national charts are triggered by this vibrant Leo eclipse. Some locations to watch include:

Israel – Mars at 28 degrees of Leo – conflict, sporting news, military and police are in focus. This could mark the start of some very belligerent words and actions in August, September, and in the months ahead.

Qatar – Mercury at 28 degrees of Leo – this eclipse highlights news and media, dealing with neighbours, transport, and the movement of people.

Vatican City – Neptune at 28 degrees of Leo – compassion and religion are highlighted, but with some inevitable confusion, and the possibility of scandal.

North Korea – Saturn 28 degrees of Leo – boundaries, older people, history, restrictions, and government are highlighted. Early September’s Mars in Leo transit may reveal more, or trigger a further major crisis for the country and its leadership.

Jamaica – Uranus 29 degrees of Leo – stormy weather on many levels, but the possibility of progressive actions too.

Gambia – Sun 29 degrees Aquarius. Gambia has Venus at 15 Aquarius, which was sensitised by the lunar eclipse on 7th August. Leadership, women, and finances are in focus.

United Kingdom – Mars is at 27 degrees of Aquarius in the national chart for December 7th, 1922. Conflict, police and the military – and perhaps some sporting innovations – are highlighted.

Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s natal horoscopes are triggered by this eclipse.

Theresa May (1st October 1956) has powerful Pluto in Leo squaring up to Saturn in Scorpio in her natal horoscope. Along comes the eclipse to sensitise those planets.

Clearly, and unsurprisingly, the astrology signals a power struggle, heavy responsibilities, and some kind of inevitable, perhaps fateful, turning point as it becomes clear things cannot go on as before. Of course, many people of the same age will have this Saturn-Pluto aspect, and will be affected by current events, even if nothing much surfaces in their private lives.

Jeremy Corbyn (26th May 1949) has natal Saturn in Leo sextile Uranus in Gemini, both at 29 degrees. This aspect represents the words of a revolutionary (Uranus in Gemini), challenged by – yet working with – power structures, history, and leadership responsibilities (Saturn in Leo). The eclipse energises this inner dynamic, emphasising responsibilities, restrictions, and deeply serious concerns. The flighty, idealistic disruptor – Uranus in Gemini – may have to learn the art of compromise.

The planet patterns sternly warn both these political figures to avoid vengeful, impulsive acts. Fixed star Regulus and this solar eclipse are a potent pair now, and for the next six months.

The EU and the Treaty of Rome – The Treaty of Rome gives us one of the birth charts for the European Economic Community. It’s dated 25th March, 1957.

This founding horoscope is still relevant for the EU today. It has Pluto conjunct Regulus at 28 degrees, vitalised by this total solar eclipse. There are opportunities for extensive reform and regeneration, but not without significant power struggles. There could be big news about a prominent European leader or figurehead this August and September.

Australia – the Moon’s nodes are at 29 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus. The eclipse denotes the likelihood of mass movements, civil unrest, and weighty financial issues to deal with.


The Astrology Room






For the week of Monday, Aug 21st, 2017

    • General

      General Horoscope

      Romance is sure to prevail this week. On Monday, a Solar eclipse in open-hearted Leo promises new love potential for many. All you have to do is be willing to give love generously to someone special and it’s sure to be returned. Venus will square Uranus on Thursday, adding an unexpected twist to your love life. Be ready for anything! On Saturday, however, Venus enters Leo where she’ll remain until September 19. It’s time to love with wild abandon!

    • Aries

      Aries Horoscope Mar 21 – Apr 19

      Without a doubt, this is your time for love. In fact, if you’re single, you now have the most potent lineup of planets working to support new romantic potential — more than you’ve seen in ages! Mars is already in your true love sector, helping you pursue love with incredible courage. This week, a Solar Eclipse lights up the same area of your chart, suggesting that someone new is arriving soon. Also by Saturday, Venus will join Mars in your romance sector, helping to assure you’ll making sweet love very soon.

    • Taurus

      Taurus Horoscope Apr 20 – May 20

      You and your sweetheart might be seriously considering moving in together, and if so, now is the time to move forward with these plans. Another possibility is that you have recently met someone and are considering introducing him or her to members of your family. Their approval means a lot to you, and you’ll want to know that your clan will embrace your new love. Don’t worry because they will.

    • Gemini

      Gemini Horoscope May 21 – Jun 20

      Talking about love, thinking about love, and making decisions about love appear to be your focus this week. Fortunately, it appears that you’ll be ready to make some positive changes in this area of your life as a result of this focus. You and your sweetheart might enjoy extra sweet conversations about your romantic life. You might also be making a decision together about your future. If you are, it looks bright!

    • Cancer

      Cancer Horoscope Jun 21 – Jul 22

      If you’ve felt as if partnership matters have been stalled in any way, you’re in for some good news. This Friday, Saturn, the natural ruler of your relationship sector, will turn direct after having been retrograde for several months. Pursuing your romantic goals and having the ability to achieve them is now more favored. However, be flexible. Earlier in the week, on Thursday, Venus in your sign will square off with Uranus. An unexpected event in your love life might need attention.

    • Leo

      Leo Horoscope Jul 23 – Aug 22

      This is your week to shine! Mars is already in your sign, giving you more willpower and determination to pursue your goals — including relationship goals — with incredible conviction. You won’t stop until you get what you want, and these days, that will be the key to your success. Adding to this power, however, is a gorgeous Solar Eclipse in your sign on Monday. Plus, Venus enters Leo on Saturday as well. This lineup is certain to make you the most blessed sign in life — and love.

    • Virgo

      Virgo Horoscope Aug 23 – Sep 22

      Everything about your love life screams privacy these days. You are pushing for a more sublime romantic experience with your sweetheart, and in order to achieve this, you realize it’s time to shut yourselves out from life’s typical chaos. This will be an ideal week to schedule a couple’s retreat at a secluded location offering amenities that will nourish your soul while allowing the two of you to reconnect. It’ll be worth every penny.

    • Libra

      Libra Horoscope Sep 23 – Oct 22

      The most gratifying romantic potential for you these days is in your social life. Spending time with friends will help you meet new and exciting people but will also ensure that you’ll be having more fun. You might not even be looking for love right now since it’s clear you’re quite content with your life the way it’s currently moving. That is usually when cupids arrow strikes — when you least anticipate it. This week, romantic potential might arrive from a friend, with a friend, or online. Be open.

    • Scorpio

      Scorpio Horoscope Oct 23 – Nov 21

      Your love life might be interrupted this week due to the significant work obligations — and opportunities — you’ll be handling. On Thursday, you might even get wind that someone you work with has a crush on you. If this is the case, you’re more likely to shut it down rather than pursue any potential budding romance. Either you’re not interested in the person, or it’s just not worth any potential trouble for you professionally. You’ve got your priorities.

    • Sagittarius

      Sagittarius Horoscope Nov 22 – Dec 21

      Romance becomes much more spiritual and adventurous for you this week. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll feel determined to expand your mental and physical horizons with your partner. You may achieve this in several ways. For starters, you might both sign up for a class or workshop on a topic you wanted to learn more about. Another possibility is that international travel is on your agenda. Planning a trip abroad with your lover will be quite a romantic experience.

    • Capricorn

      Capricorn Horoscope Dec 22 – Jan 19

      Venus will be in your partnership sector until Saturday, but her final days in this area of your chart might be anything but peaceful. On Thursday, she’ll square off with Uranus, now in your home and family sector. Someone in your family might do something that rattles the harmony between you and your mate. Or it might be a situation that frazzles your partner, leaving little room left for romance. Fortunately, this will be a fast-passing situation and you’ll be able to move on quickly.

    • Aquarius

      Aquarius Horoscope Jan 20 – Feb 18

      A major Solar Eclipse will fall in your relationship sector on Monday, changing the direction of your partnership in a vital — and happy — way. If you’re already in a relationship, you can look forward to bright new horizons with your sweetheart. This might even involve a decision to have a child, or to consciously focus on adding extra romance to your relationship. If you’re dating someone, it’s very possible you’ll become engaged or married in the next few weeks. Venus adds to this potential after Saturday.

  • Pisces

    Pisces Horoscope Feb 19 – Mar 20

    Venus will remain in your romance sector until Saturday, but her final days in this area of your chart may be fraught with instability. On Thursday, she’ll square off to Uranus. As a result, you might realize that someone you’ve had a crush on isn’t really valuing you, but only trying to use you. This could be for money, sex, or another reason. The important thing to remember is that if this happens, you’ll discover it sooner rather than later. Be grateful for that.


Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2017


Your Horoscopes for Sunday, August 20th




On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it’s important to lay low, reflect, and let go of limiting attitudes or situations, dear Aries. However, with a couple of progressive, invigorating aspects occurring now, you’re sure to enjoy a feeling of confidence and possibly fabulous ideas to boot. There are definite opportunities to the day, but also a tendency to hold yourself back due to fear of change. You are especially attractive now, drawing others’ attention with your actions. Mars, your ruler, is in your romance sector connecting with Jupiter in your relationship sector, which is fabulous for personal appeal and romantic moves. Big decisions should wait, but you shouldn’t hide away now! Also active is a Sun-Uranus trine involving the Sun in your romance sector in harmony with Uranus in your sign – another powerful boost to your appeal and influence. You can be radiant now. Romantically and creatively, you are in fine form. Consider ways to make progress and improvements, but wait things out.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it’s best to wind down and pace yourself, dear Taurus, if not get extra rest. While it’s better to lay low now, there is divine energy for sinking your teeth into satisfying projects, particularly related to the home or family. Work matters or health pursuits thrive, and you could be feeling especially interested in tackling ambitious projects or working on health goals. However, don’t start something brand new now — take note of your ideas but wait for big launches. You can enjoy a real sense of accomplishment after taking care of business and putting harmful elements of the past behind you. Even so, this is a good time for exploring the past and how it affects you in the present, so it makes sense to examine matters without dwelling. Anything can happen on the home front today, and surprises can emerge from the past, or a pleasing change of pace can occur that keeps things feeling fresh.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it makes sense to lay low, rest, and avoid overstrain, dear Gemini. You could be feeling slightly off professionally as you’re uncertain of your next step. However, this is not the time to seek out direction, as your path becomes clearer after the eclipse. While winding down makes sense, you benefit from two very positive, supportive, and active influences today, boosting your projects, creative efforts, hobbies, or romantic pursuits. There can be an invigorating and motivating special experience today. Your thinking is inventive and progressive. Exchanges with others can be especially progressive, enthusiastic, and spirited. Tomorrow’s eclipse will push you to express your uniqueness without fear. Exploring different ways of relating and communicating can be satisfying. Keep in mind that now and in coming weeks, benefits come through friends, teams, groups, and networks.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it’s best to calm down and go easy, dear Cancer. However, there are plenty of astrological reasons to enjoy this process and make the best of this time. Your money position and self-worth are in high focus, and the eclipse will bring new-beginning energy to these themes. Today, you are thinking like a pioneer and confident as heck, particularly about financial, security, and domestic matters, as you have a strong sense that you can make positive changes. It can be a time for investing in your comfort, home, and safety. You’re seeking out new ways of becoming more self-sufficient. It’s easier than usual to drum up the support of others possibly due to your enthusiasm. Going forward, this is a time when your more unusual and progressive ideas about money and business can be recognized, so don’t be afraid to share to the right people. An opportunity might arise that helps you break free from restrictive circumstances, laying the groundwork for new beginnings and eventually leading to more freedom. Ideas are fabulous now but postpone big launches.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, aim to take things easy, rest, reflect, and unwind, dear Leo. This eclipse is a special one, and it occurs very late in your sign. The weeks ahead are for new beginnings. Today, with the Moon Balsamic, it’s best to take in and conserve your energy. However, two highly energizing and motivating aspects influence the day, and this means you can have a bit of fun with all of this. Excellent opportunities can emerge that have you looking forward and positive. Communications projects, learning, or transportation are areas of expansion. Problems that previously seemed too difficult to solve now appear only as small obstacles that are easy to overcome. Your appeal is excellent, and your directness and confidence are inspiring. In the coming weeks and even months, you’ll be able to assert your independence without alienating others in the process. This is a good day to take a detour from the routine or ordinary, but it’s also a good idea to avoid overstraining yourself.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it’s best to wind down and relax, allowing your intuition to kick in, dear Virgo. Even so, there are two healthy, harmonious aspects occurring now that can excite you, so you can certainly have some fun with the day. This is mostly happening on the inside or in your personal life. In the weeks ahead, you’ll be making some significant emotional or spiritual changes, and the insight you have now and in the coming days can propel you forward, taking charge of your life from the inside out. An element or person of your past may reappear, or you rethink a matter that has been weighing on you heavily. Any guilt or fears about past issues that are undercutting your confidence should be addressed. The coming days are not for clarity, but they are helping you pave the road towards a stronger sense of well-being.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it’s a good idea to lay low, reflect, and let go of limiting attitudes or situations, dear Libra. This is because a Solar Eclipse is primarily a particularly powerful New Moon and it represents a new beginning. As such, what you begin today may not be relevant or pick up steam after this cycle begins, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying work on things already in progress. While there may be a physical complaint or work concern that nags at you today, you’re likely to find many reasons to feel positive. Problem-solving is excellent for some things, even if a larger problem is hanging heavy in the air. Relationships are set to enliven, and exciting changes are on the horizon. Outworn attitudes have to go, and circumstances now make you especially aware of this fact. This helps pave the road for tremendous progress in a friendship, group endeavor, or community project in the future.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it makes more sense to wind down and pace yourself than to begin brand new endeavors, dear Scorpio. You have busy weeks ahead of you when you’ll be in the spotlight and highly noticeable. This means getting your priorities straight now is a good idea, but don’t strain yourself – just let things happen. Consider things that have been holding you back from going after what you want. This will help you to better take advantage of the opportunities the eclipse will bring, which can be plenty. You have a rather fearless attitude now, and this works. There can be breakthrough thinking about practical matters, career, or long-term goals. You might receive special attention, and this may be about an innovative idea or method that you’ve recently used. This is a fine time to think about getting rid of unhealthy habits.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, you’ll do best if you rest and lay low, dear Sagittarius, but not too much, since a Mars-Jupiter influence today is wonderful for personal appeal. You’re hungry for more knowledge, experience, or variety in your life these days, but you may not always have the time and energy to feed these needs. The eclipse is likely to change that, offering up opportunities to get out and about or to pull yourself out of a routine. Concerns or difficult decisions revolving around your personal or home life can weigh you down a little today, but you are also bound to stumble upon some nice opportunities to enjoy yourself. Others seem to want to help you out, and it’s easy to get people onboard for activities. If you’re feeling some reticence about expressing yourself creatively, push yourself beyond your fear for wonderful results.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it’s best to take things easy, rest, and unwind, dear Capricorn. Even so, there are two motivating and invigorating influences on the day that you should benefit from and take advantage of. Use this time for building life strategies and learning more about your motivations and desires. Opportunities for setting things right with money or with the deeper dynamics in a relationship are on their way, and you can get a hint of this now. Matters of the heart can thrive, and it’s a good idea to take the time to enjoy the vibes. There can be surprises related to home and family now, and problem-solving about emotional or domestic matters can be in focus and positive. You’re in a good position to mix things up and try new approaches to old problems and family relationships.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, you’re better off taking it easy, dear Aquarius, as a cycle is coming to a close and a new one is about to begin. This is why it’s not advised to begin something brand new in the days before a New Moon or eclipse. Even so, you have some very favorable aspects influencing the day, and while you should put off major decision making, you should enjoy yourself and take note of new ideas. While there may be some concern about money or resources, you’re also feeling positive about your relationships and projects. Personal appeal is large now, especially if you let things flow naturally. In the weeks ahead, you’ll be in great shape for creative enterprise and collaboration. You’ll find new courage to be who you are and to pursue who and what you want. Partnering up can help you solve a problem. Consider new ways to approach relating and communicating, but put plans in motion only when it feels right to do so after the eclipse.



On this day before a New Moon Solar Eclipse, be sure to spend some time unwinding and reflecting, dear Pisces, rather than pushing something new forward. This way, your intuition kicks in and helps you tune into the positive energy of the eclipse. While quiet times are right for you now, you have some very positive, forward-looking influences active today. These are quite fortunately stamped into the energy of tomorrow’s eclipse, effectively extending their influence for weeks and even months. You can feel tremendous enthusiasm for starting new research or work projects, or for reviving old ones. Someone might entrust you with a secret or reveal their faith in you. Unusual and exciting elements on the job or in your daily routine can be in focus, and they are motivating. Look for new ways of approaching your work or services, making or handling money, and improving health, but wait to put exact plans into motion after the eclipse and retrograde Mercury cycle, and only when it feels right. Alternatives can be introduced now that lead you to rethink old problems and concerns.

If You Were Born Today, August 20:

You are a hard worker, yet you also enjoy the comforts of home and family. Striking a balance between these two passions is important for your all-around happiness. You don’t turn to others for advice or help very readily, simply because you find much satisfaction doing things on your own; yet you are also highly companionable. You enjoy conversation, friendly companionship, and a peaceful environment. You try to avoid discord as much as you can, and due to your graciousness and gentle manner, you usually succeed. You are excellent at strategy. You may cling to your lifestyle and don’t make changes as readily as others. An overall feeling of stability is important to you. You are a very ardent, charming lover, and you may be drawn to partners who are emotional and a tad dramatic.


Famous people born today: Robert Plant, Fred Durst, Connie Chung, James Marsters, Andrew Garfield, Amy Adams, Demi Lovato, John Noble.

Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Horoscopes for Monday, August 21




Today’s Solar Eclipse occurs in your sector of romance, hobbies, creative self-expression, recreation, and children, dear Aries. Events happening now and in the coming weeks set you up for new beginnings in one or more of these areas of life. This is a passionate period for you when you discover the need to enjoy yourself, to express your creativity with confidence, and to spend more time with the kids or with your paintbrush! These are examples, but it’s about doing things that help you reconnect with your spirit of play and personal enjoyment. If you’ve been holding on too tightly to people or projects that have been keeping you from expressing your true self, this is a time for making necessary changes. You are likely to attract positive attention from others, especially romantically or creatively speaking. A new hobby or pastime can come into high focus. Even if your life seems crammed with things to do, you need to learn to make the most of the time you do have for enjoying yourself. Pace yourself, though, because rushing into something is not advised now. Allow the process to unfold. While eclipses can drain your energy temporarily, your ruler, Mars, forms a trine to Saturn, and you’re in a great position to apply yourself to something meaningful.



The Solar Eclipse that occurs this afternoon clears the path for new beginnings, dear Taurus, and this can mean you break free from the past in some way, particularly on emotional levels and having to do with your home or family life. Situations that have been holding you back may need to be put behind you. The weeks and even months ahead are a time of special attention to your domestic world, sense of safety and feeling of belonging, understanding your roots, and matters of intimacy and vulnerability. You’re coming in touch with basic feelings and needs that you may have overlooked. The Solar Eclipse is a cosmic nudge to discover your inner well. You’ll be paying special attention to your support system as well as the support and nurturance you give others. For some, this is about finding a more suitable home or living conditions and arrangements. The coming weeks are ideal for making long-range plans for the future, re-organizing the home or home environment, and family-related activities. There can be some drama on the domestic front, but this ideally leads to a fresh perspective or new beginning. Changes and improvements may be necessary as you reorganize your personal life, or shuffle around your priorities. While eclipses can be draining, a Mars-Saturn influence in play today can have you applying yourself to meaningful projects and making some headway.



A Solar Eclipse occurs today in your solar third house, dear Gemini, bringing the need to start fresh in the areas of communicating, connecting, learning, and everyday affairs. How you organize your daily life and divide your attention comes into play now, and a reworking of these things may be in order! This is a time for putting out feelers and taking in new ideas and information, but avoid going too far with this. Plan to make warm and engaging new connections with people, be open to the idea that you need more intellectual stimulation in your life, and look for ways you can improve your approachability or communication skills to better reflect who you are. However, watch for taking on so many activities or commitments that you feel overwhelmed. There can be new channels emerging for expressing yourself in new ways or for getting around town! New equipment or transportation options may open up different opportunities and experiences. There can be motivation to let go of outdated attitudes or conditions so that the path is clear for new beginnings. News can come that steers you in a new direction. While the eclipse can overstimulate confidence, in the weeks ahead, you’ll get to an exceptional sense of what is truly valuable to you, and also of your own capabilities, aiding decision-making.



The Solar Eclipse occurring this afternoon happens in your solar second house, dear Cancer, and while it stirs up activity in your financial life, it’s a less visible period for you when you can cruise along without too much in the way of interference! Still, important decisions may be required of you in the coming weeks and months, particularly revolving around personal finances and business or personal possessions and valuables. For some, this can be about boundaries in a relationship or your sense of self-worth and how it affects your ability to support yourself or ask for what you want. There is heightened sensitivity to your physical environment today. In the weeks ahead, you may find new ways to increase your income or earning potential. If you’ve been holding on too tightly to a lifestyle or financial habits that haven’t been serving you well, this is a time when circumstances might force the matter. Save major launches or decisions until after Mercury turns direct on September 5th, but work towards making changes. The second half of the day brings easier energy to focus on your priorities and enjoy the process. Meeting your responsibilities is satisfying.



A Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign today, dear Leo, and the weeks and even months ahead are powerful for personal new beginnings and a reinvention. What you want to change, improve, or initiate — these things are in your hands now. You’ll be getting more attention now so be sure to wear your confidence well. Taking the high road is vital. Going forward, people build their faith in you, and this only serves to motivate you further to present the best version of yourself. Many of you will try on a new look, image, or manner of expressing and presenting yourselves. You are working towards being more independent, feel freer, and more true to your nature in your self-expression. Today, it’s important to seek self-understanding. You are unlikely to have a plan of action now, and that’s okay. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde until September 5th, so ease yourself into this dynamic phase of your life. As the day advances, you are more likely to appreciate some level of solitude to have a go at your projects or work, or for some reflection.



A Solar Eclipse occurs in your soul and privacy sector this afternoon, dear Virgo, and circumstances seem to conspire to take charge of your health, private affairs, and need to put emotional baggage behind you. This can also be a time for giving more time to a person in need or a major cause. Buried or neglected issues can demand your attention over the coming weeks and even months, and working on these can pave the road to future success and happiness. You may be serving, helping, and supporting others or it could be a time of retreat and withdrawal on some level as you work behind the scenes. If you’ve been neglecting your psychic, spiritual, and emotional needs, then this is a time that pushes you to acknowledge and tend to them. This eclipse should have an impact on the coming six months of your life, at which point you come to a checkpoint for your progress. Today, as the day advances, you could find that pouring your energy into a particular project can be consuming in all the right ways. You might find that you get some small area of your life back on track, organized, or otherwise running smoothly, and this can be very satisfying.



A total Solar Eclipse occurs today and influences your sector of friends, happiness goals, dreams, wishes, new ideas, technology, networking, and teamwork, dear Libra. This is a time for paying special attention to developments in these areas of your life, as they’re likely to be significant with long-term effects, setting you on a path for personal changes and new beginnings. There can be new friends or associations with groups and people who share similar interests or a common goal or new beginnings with existing connections. If existing friendships are in need of a new focus or a renewed bond, then the energy of this eclipse can help in the coming weeks and months. There might even be some drama in your social life that shakes things up enough to prompt changes and new directions. Friends or dreams/projects might enter or leave your life. This is not a time for clarity, but one of faith in the process. While you can feel overwhelmed or tired, as the day advances, you can feel some motivation to take care of business.



The Solar Eclipse occurring today brings new beginnings in the coming weeks and even months in your life direction, path, professional dealings, or reputation, dear Scorpio. This eclipse is about improving your public and professional life or starting a new project altogether. New projects and goals, and possibly even a new area of focus on the job, may emerge. Enter these with healthy confidence, not overconfidence, as the Leo eclipse encourages. You have more impact on others than usual, so use this time in the spotlight well. Avoid hasty moves now. The period ahead is favorable for new business plans and goals, but it’s also very reliable for making nice with people in high places, teachers, bosses, and parents as well. There can be substantial changes in your life when it comes to your own influence or authority, or with authority figures in your life. In the coming weeks, there can be a pleasant feeling of reinvigoration when it comes to your life-plan goals, although for now, you may feel a little directionless or unclear. As today advances, you can feel very comfortable with your responsibilities. Energy levels even or smooth out.



A New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs today in your adventure and learning sector, dear Sagittarius, and in the coming weeks and even months, you’ll be discovering ways to express your need for exploration, travel, learning, discovery, new horizons, and spiritual food. This can be a time of a significant publishing, announcement, advancement, or new adventure, whether mental or physical. The period ahead is one of increased bravery and spontaneity, as well as a time for learning something new or committing to studies. Events occurring now and in the coming weeks can serve to push you out of your routine. In some way, you are making a break from the past. There may be opportunities to broaden your horizons through travel or education. Transportation issues can also be in focus, with new avenues opening up for getting out and about. Often enough, eclipses bring about a small crisis or shake-up that prompts a new direction or the need to venture beyond the usual routine. Eclipse days can be emotionally exhausting, but an aspect influencing the second half of the day helps your energy levels improve as you’re desensitized to potential distractions.



When a Solar Eclipse occurs, it’s a time for turning over a new leaf in a particular area of your life defined in large part by where the eclipse falls in the chart, dear Capricorn. In your solar chart, this happens in your eighth house of intimacy and sharing, making the period ahead one of personal empowerment and discovery. You have a chance to see your inner workings in new, meaningful ways. If you’ve been too dependent on others, or the opposite, too proud to ask for help, then you’ll see and feel it now and want to make changes. Intimacy and deep levels of sharing are heightened. Financial support issues and matters of debt or obligation can come to the fore, and it’s time to take charge so that you can bravely start anew. This can also be a good period for quitting bad habits and unhealthy dependencies and for releasing burdens. Keep in mind, however, that it’s important to be patient so that things can unfold naturally. Don’t push for clarity, and it will come! Later today, energy levels even out. A Mars-Saturn influence is in effect, and fortunately for you, is tied into the energy of the eclipse, which extends its positive influence.



The Solar Eclipse occurring today happens in your opposite sign, dear Aquarius, bringing a charge of energy to partnerships. The months ahead are important ones for exploring your need for partnership, whether this is about starting a significant relationship, committing to enhancing an existing one, or recognizing changing needs regarding relationships in general. Emotions are heightened right now, and inclinations are excessive, so do watch for taking premature action. Pay particular attention to new information or goings-on in your life as they can be significant. Take in now, and take action when it feels right. Over the coming weeks and even months, negotiations and one-to-one relationships are highlighted. Making contacts or making something public can be themes for some of you. If you have been holding on too tightly to a difficult relationship, then circumstances now will push the matter. This eclipse is in strong, favorable aspect to your ruler, Uranus, and can lead to excellent opportunities for self-expression through your contact with others. While you can feel drained energetically around the time of an eclipse, a Mars-Saturn influence shaping the day tends to even things out. In fact, you may thoroughly enjoy doing something productive.



A Solar Eclipse occurring today influences your sector of work, habits, health, and routines, dear Pisces, prompting a new start with any of these areas of life in the coming weeks and even months, as its range of influence is large. Circumstances are such that you want or need to start anew. It’s a time for reworking or committing to improved or new daily routines, work projects, healthy habits, lifestyle changes, or even a new job or line of work for some. Be sure to pace yourself and don’t jump into something without thinking. A new direction will come, and you don’t have to push for it. However, you’ll feel the motivation and courage build, and you’ll get to a point where you’re in charge and confident of what you’re doing. Self-improvement is in high focus. If you’ve struggled with difficult work relations or situations, this is a time to start fresh. Clearing up the clutter is necessary and beneficial now. Today, you can feel a little drained, but concentration improves as the day advances. Creative projects that require a practical touch or detail work can benefit now.

Your Great American Eclipse Horoscope

Read your sign’s horoscope for this incredibly rare cosmic event

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The Great American Eclipse is less than one month away! The New Moon in Leo on August 21, 2017, is a Total Eclipse of the Sun that will be visible in the USA in a 100-mile wide band, stretching from Oregon to South Carolina. Because it is extremely rare for the entire path of totality to be contained within the continental United States, this eclipse is being called “The Great American Eclipse.” Historically, eclipses have been linked to transitions of power at the level of kings and queens. Much will be written by others about this eclipse and its potential impact on American politics. Instead, we will address the impact the eclipse may have on individuals, whether or not they experience it visually from within the narrow band of totality.

Solar Eclipses may appear disruptive as they break up blockages in our lives. If we think about the obstacles we face, we can work with the cosmic energy to facilitate change. Since this eclipse occurs in dramatic Leo, we might need to step onto the stage — or up on a soapbox — to give the performance of our lives. Fortunately, we can inspire others with our brilliance, because this eclipse forms a harmonious trine with ingenious Uranus. Nevertheless, an awkward aspect from the eclipsed Sun to wounded Chiron pushes us to the edges of personal discomfort as we try to avoid familiar traps. A fateful connection to propitious Jupiter indicates that help could arrive from unexpected quarters.

Aries Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)

You Aries are known to be risk-takers, but relying on your survival skills is usually better than putting yourself in dangerous situations. Sometimes though, you overcompensate and retreat from initiating action by convincing yourself that the status quo isn’t so bad. Your days of waiting are over as this brilliant Leo Solar Eclipse invigorates your 5th House of Self-Expression, prompting you to make the changes you dream about. It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new. Fortunately, you are up for the challenge.

Taurus Horoscope (April 20 – May 20)

Demonstrating your commitment to home and family is vitally important to your happiness, especially if someone is doubting your integrity. But you’re not interested in suffering fools now. Other people’s judgments may be based on their own fears rather than your intentions. Nevertheless, you have an opportunity to clear the air of uncertainty by addressing the most basic assumptions of your relationships while the expressive Leo Solar Eclipse activates your 4th House of Foundations. Getting back to the basics always feels right to you; however, now it’s imperative. There is beauty in simplicity.

Gemini Horoscope May 21 – June 20)

There’s no time like the present to change up your daily routine. Perhaps the pace of your life has increased so much that it has reached a critical point. Fortunately, you can employ the transformational energy of the Leo Solar Eclipse as it rattles your 3rd House of Distractions. Take a long, hard look at how you spend your time on a day-to-day basis and eliminate non-essential activities. Once you cut away the excess noise, you can always add back a few things that bring you enjoyment without overloading your schedule. Richard Branson said, “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated.”

Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – July 22)

It’s tempting to accumulate many possessions as you move through life. In fact, the Crab tends to cling on to objects it likes, especially when they have sentimental value. However, there are times when a good housecleaning is in order. Thankfully, the resolute Leo Solar Eclipse falls in your 2nd House of Personal Resources, revealing a new relationship between you and your material world. Ultimately, you will feel less encumbered and lighter on your feet when you get rid of the excess weight you are carrying forward. Erykah Badu said, “Time to eliminate things that no longer evolve me.”

Leo Horoscope (July 23 – Aug. 22)

The brilliance of your show must stop long enough for you to see it in a new light. Reflection and analysis are your top priorities while this Solar Eclipse shakes up the fixed energy of your 1st House of Self. Consider where your progress is blocked. Delve into your fears. Ruthlessly examine what is working in your life and what is not. Only when you see yourself as you are — not as you wish to be — can you begin the make the necessary changes. Author Paulo Coelho wrote, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Sometimes the most significant transformations occur out of sight. This polarizing Solar Eclipse triggers your 12th House of Spiritual Mystery, luring you into the realms of dreams, fantasies, and visions. Although you are normally in tune with the pragmatic considerations of the material world, there is an opportunity to gain great wisdom from the metaphysical side of life. The real action is occurring within the privacy of your inner awareness. George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Relationships that are out of balance may suddenly be the focus of your life near this Solar Eclipse. But rather than obsessing over stressful group dynamics, you have a chance to do something positive about it. The generous Leo Eclipse mobilizes the forces within your 11th House of Friends and Associates, encouraging you to realign your social alliances to promote mutual support.

Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Although establishing daily routines makes life more manageable at times, they can also cause you to run on automatic. Rethinking your life’s direction may be necessary if habitual patterns are impeding your efficiency or constraining your growth. However, the creative Leo Solar Eclipse energizes your 10th House of Career, empowering you to widen your horizons while thinking about the road ahead. Setting the stage now for possible future changes is wiser than waiting for a better time that may never come. Greek historian Herodotus wrote, “People who have decided to act, usually are lucky in comparison to those who hesitate.”

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

This continues to be a critical time for you Archers as you aim your arrows of intention toward an unknown future. You have been tested by karmic Saturn moving through your sign, and probably already made some important decisions. However, this courageous Leo Solar Eclipse accentuates your 9th House of Distant Horizons, enabling you to blast through the heaviness of current events and cut directly to the core of the matter. Seeing the possibilities ahead from a new perspective gives you a renewed lease on life. Author Jim Rohn wrote, “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.”

Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

You’re not willing to accept someone’s actions as a true reflection of what they’re feeling. Intuitively, you know that more is going on than reaches the surface. You are committed to getting to the bottom of this mystery as the relentless Leo Solar Eclipse excites your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Oddly enough, you’re eager to initiate the same conversation that you might have recently avoided, because you know that shining the light of awareness into the shadows will produce positive change and make a good relationship even better. Old ways won’t open new doors.

Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

A colleague or companion may catch you off guard with their actions or words, sending you into a temporary free fall. Thankfully, your recovery will be swift once you can put the bigger pieces into place and realize that you’re in a better position now to achieve the happiness you seek. The magnanimous Leo Solar Eclipse jangles your 7th House of Relationships, drawing your attention like a lightning rod to a previously hidden problem. Although the shift might seem uncomfortably sudden at first, the atmosphere is more relaxed once the truth is out in the open. Hard times will always reveal true friends.

Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 19 – March 20)

You probably work more than people think in order to meet your obligations. However, sometimes you can slack off a bit while still keeping up the show of being responsible. The willful Leo Solar Eclipse jolts your 6th House of Logistics, reminding you that your good intentions are not sufficient to carry you through a demanding schedule if you are spread too thin. No matter what you want to do, you still must deliver on your promises. You can’t just kick back and assume everything will take care of itself out of habit. Jean-Paul Sartre wrote, “Commitment is an act, not a word.”

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What to look for in a total solar eclipse

The August 21 total eclipse will last several hours. There will be many interesting things to look for. Bookmark this handy checklist of must-see events and effects, from eclipse gurus Fred Espenak and Mark Littmann.

In the following excerpt from Totality – The Great America Eclipses of 2017 and 2024 – by Mark Littmann and me, Fred Espenak – we provide a handy checklist that will help you keep track of what to see, and when to look, for each of these must-see events and effects. You might even want to print this page as a handy reference for eclipse day, August 21, 2017.

First Contact – The moon begins to cover the western limb of the Sun. Remember to use safe solar filters to watch the partial phases of the eclipse.

Crescent Sun – Over a period of about an hour, the moon obscures more and more of the sun, as if eating away at a cookie. The Sun appears as a narrower and narrower crescent.

Light and Color Changes – About 15 minutes before totality, when 80% of the sun is covered, the light level begins to fall noticeably — and with increasing rapidity. The landscape takes on a metallic gray-blue hue.

Animal, Plant, and Human Behavior – As the level of sunlight falls, animals may become anxious or behave as if nightfall has come. Some plants close up. Notice how the people around you are affected.

Gathering Darkness on the Western Horizon – About 5 minutes before totality, the shadow cast by the Moon causes the western horizon to darken as if a giant but silent thunderstorm was approaching.

Temperature – As the sunlight fades, the temperature may drop perceptibly.

Shadow Bands – A minute or two before totality, ripples of light may flow across the ground and walls as Earth’s turbulent atmosphere refracts the last rays of sunlight.

Thin Crescent Sun – Only a sliver of the S\sun remains, then thinner still until . . .

Corona – Perhaps 15 seconds before totality begins, as the sun becomes the thinnest of crescents, the corona begins to emerge.

As totality ends, the sun begins to emerge from behind the moon, producing the dazzling diamond ring effect. Copyright 2016 by Fred Espenak.

Diamond Ring Effect – As the corona emerges, the crescent sun has shrunk to a short, hairline sliver. Together they form a dazzlingly bright diamond ring. Then the brilliant diamond fades into . . .

Baily’s Beads – About 3 seconds before totality begins, the remaining crescent of sunlight breaks into a string of beads along the eastern edge of the moon. These are the last few rays of sunlight passing through deep valleys at the moon’s limb, creating the momentary effect of jewels on a necklace. Quickly, one by one, Baily’s Beads vanish behind the advancing moon as totality begins.

Shadow Approaching – While all this is happening, the moon’s dark shadow in the west has been growing. Now it rushes forward and envelops you.

Second Contact Totality Begins – The sun’s disk (photosphere) is completely covered by the moon. You can now remove your solar filters and safely look directly at the eclipse.

Prominences and the Chromosphere – For a few seconds after totality begins, the moon has not yet covered the lower atmosphere of the sun and a thin strip of the vibrant red chromosphere is visible at the sun’s eastern limb. Stretching above the chromosphere and into the corona are the vivid red prominences. A similar effect occurs along the sun’s western limb seconds before totality ends.

This image of the solar corona is a High Dynamic Range composite made from 22 separate exposures. The original images were shot by Espenak in Jalu, Libya during the total solar eclipse of March 29, 2016. The USPS used this image to create the Total Eclipse of the Sun, Forever® stamp.

Corona Extent and Shape – The corona and prominences vary with each eclipse. How far (in solar diameters) does the corona extend? Is it round or is it broader at the sun’s equator? Does it have the appearance of short bristles at the poles? Look for loops, arcs, and plumes that trace solar magnetic fields.

Planets and Stars Visible – Venus and Mercury are often visible near the eclipsed sun, and other bright planets and stars may also be visible, depending on their positions and the sun’s altitude above the horizon.

Landscape Darkness and Horizon Color – Each eclipse creates its own level of darkness, depending mostly on the moon’s angular size. At the far horizon all around you, beyond the moon’s shadow, the sun is shining and the sky has twilight orange and yellow colors.

Temperature – Is it cooler still? A temperature drop of about 10°F (6°C) is typical. The temperature continues to drop until a few minutes after third contact.

Animal, Plant, and Human Reactions – What animal noises can you hear? How are other people reacting? How do you feel?

End of Totality Approaching – The western edge of the moon begins to brighten and vividly red prominences and the chromosphere appear. Totality will end in seconds.

Third Contact – One bright point of the sun’s photosphere appears along the western edge of the moon. Totality is over. The stages of the eclipse repeat themselves in the reverse order.

Baily’s Beads – The point of light becomes two, then several beads, which fuse into a thin crescent with a dazzling bright spot emerging, a farewell diamond ring.

Diamond Ring Effect and Corona – As the diamond ring brightens, the corona fades from view. Daylight returns.

Shadow Rushes Eastward

Shadow Bands Reappear – Shadow Bands may be seen during the first 1-2 minutes after totality ends.

Crescent Sun – Partial phases occur in reverse order. Once again, you must use your solar filter to watch all the partial phases of the eclipse.

Recovery of Nature Partial Phase – Flowers open up, animals return to normal behavior, daylight regains its strength.

Fourth Contact – The moon no longer covers any part of the sun. The eclipse is over.

Learn all about the Best Ways to View the Solar Eclipse and well as what it is like to Experience Totality.

You may also be interested in the 2017 Eclipse Stamp as well as a post about Total Solar Eclipses in the USA.

Read much more in Totality – The Great America Eclipses of 2017 and 2024 by Mark Littmann and Fred Espenak.

Bottom line: A handy checklist of must-see events and effects during the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse.

Black Moon eclipse on August 21

Unless you’ve been living in outer space, you know that a new moon will pass in front of the sun on August 21, 2017, giving the mainland United States its first total solar eclipse since 1979. What you might not know is that some people will call this particular new moon a Black Moon. By one definition of the term, the Black Moon refers to the third of four new moons to take place in one season, with a season being the period of time between a solstice and an equinox (or vice versa).

Thus the August 21 eclipse can – and doubtless will, by some – be called a Black Moon eclipse.

Most of the time, there are only three new moons in one season. But if the first new moon comes early enough in the season, it’s possible for a fourth new moon to sneak in before that season comes to an end. That’s exactly what happens during the Northern Hemisphere summer (Southern Hemisphere winter) of 2017:

2017 Jun 21: June solstice
2017 Jun 24: new moon
2017 Jul 23: new moon
2017 Aug 21: new moon
2017 Sep 20: new moon
2017 Sep 22: Sept equinox

A Black Moon by the seasonal defintion occurs 7 times in 19 years. Every 19 years, the phases of the moon recur on or near the same calendar dates. For instance, let’s take a look 19 years from now, in the year 2036 (2017 + 19 = 2036):

2036 Jun 20: June solstice
2036 jun 24: new moon
2036 Jul 23: new moon
2036 Aug 21 new moon
2036 Sep 20 new moon
2036 Sep 22: Sept equinox

There are 235 lunar months (235 returns to new moon) in one 19-year Metonic cycle. On the other hand, there are only 228 solar months in this same period of time. The 76 seasons (19 years x 4 seasons = 76 seasons) consist of three solar months each, giving rise to a total of 228 solar months (76 seasons x 3 solar months = 228 solar months) in the 19-year Metonic cycle.

In short, there are 235 lunar months yet only 228 solar months in 19 calendar years. Therefore, it’s inevitable that 7 of these left-over new moons (235 – 228 = 7) must fall within the confines of 7 different seasons. Therefore, 7 of these 76 seasons have to harbor 4 new moons.

We list the 7 Black Moons (3rd of 4 new moons in one season) in the upcoming 19-year Metonic cycle:

2020 Aug 19
2023 May 19
2025 Aug 23
2028 Aug 20
2031 May 21
2034 Feb 18
2036 Aug 21

By the way, there will be a Black Moon eclipse on 2036 August 21, too, though it’ll only be a partial eclipse of the sun.

Meanwhile, the Black Moon total solar eclipse on 2017 August 21 will be total and, perhaps, the most-viewed total solar eclipse in history.

Bottom line: Black Moon is one name for the third of four new moons in a season. The August 21 new moon is the third of four new moons between the June 2017 solstice and September 2017 equinox. On August 21, the new moon will pass directly in front of the sun. Voila! Black Moon eclipse.