We Started Out with 12, We Now Have 5, If you want one, you better grab it, it will be a while before this robe is back in stock!

For your next Solitary ritual or Coven gathering, how would you like to have a brand new, long, black flowing robe. At the bottom of your robe, gently flowing in the breeze is the trim which is one of a kind, crescent moons, pentacles, and the Nile moon goddess.

If you are like me, you like to look good before the Goddess or whoever your Divine might be. And if you are like me, you have had the robe you’ve got now forever. In fact, you can’t remember how long you have had it. So it’s time for a new one and this one is a beauty(really we got 12 in, I guess you can imagine where that one went, lol!). But when we get special items in like this, I like to share them with you. And I didn’t want this one slipping by you, so without further a’do, here she is….



I should add, there are also matching shirts and skirts to go along with this robe. They have the same beautiful needlework at the bottom as the robe does. There are plenty of the shirts and skirts but like I said a very, very limited quantity on the robes. Also we are now running ads all over the net, I wanted you to have first chance at one of these gorgeous robes.


As usual, they can be found at…..